Social Isolation Grants

Published: 10 November 2023
Please note, this article has expired

Small grants of between £500 and £1,000 – apply now. Deadline 24 November.

About the Social Isolation Grants

Thanks to the support of Welsh Government and BCBC, we are looking to support a range of community programmes or projects that can help to reduce loneliness and isolation for people across our communities this winter.

Small grants of between £500 and £1,000 can be applied for. Examples of activities that could be supported include running or providing opportunities, a befriending programme, lunch clubs, youth activity or a range of social events as part of providing  a ‘warm welcome’ hub during the winter.

Applications are invited from constituted voluntary and community groups who want to help improve the lives of those who may be, or could become, lonely or isolated this winter.

This programme can support people of all ages including older adults although based on recent feedback from young people and young adults we are particularly interested in these groups too. Inter-generational opportunities that bring our communities together are of particular interest.

This is a revenue grant scheme which mans we can  support the running costs of projects but not large or expensive items of equipment.  This grant will not cover management or overhead contributions.

Closing date: 4pm, Friday 24 November 2023

Note: Groups who received a grant last year but who did not submit their end of project returns on time are advised to speak to a Development Officer before applying.

Successful applications
Successful applicants will be required to sign that they agree to the terms and conditions, which will  include:
·       Completion of the project to timescales specified in the application
·       Delivery and spend completed by 31 March 2024
·       Submit completed summary report and a case study by 7 April 2024
·       Submitting evidence of spend and a financial report by 7 April 2024

Apply for your Social Isolation Grant here

Please note: The application cannot be saved and returned to it so it needs to be completed in one sitting. We will send you a copy of your application once it has been submitted. The Information you will need to complete the application for the Social Isolation Grant is as follows: 

  1. Organisation name
  2. Details of the main contact: name, role, contact number, email address
  3. The structure of your organization and any registration numbers
  4. The location of your service 
  5. Bank details – account name, bank, sorting code and account number 
  6. Purpose of the organisation 
  7. Your funding proposal 
  8. When and where the activities will happen 
  9. Who will benefit from the project 
  10. Please provide details of any partner organisations you are working with 
  11. The projects main priority area 
  12. Approximate number of volunteers, volunteer hours and beneficiaries
  13. A financial breakdown for the project spend including an hourly cost breakdown for any staff salary
  • Third Sector Support Wales
  • Welsh Government
  • Investing in Volunteers
  • Quality in Befriending
  • Healthy Working Wales Gold
  • Cyber essentials
  • Cynnig Cymraeg
  • Cultural Competence Silver Award