Finding volunteers

Our Volunteer Team helps local organisations be the best they can be through giving best practice guidance on volunteer recruitment and management, supervision, training, engagement and retention.

You can contact our Volunteer Team at BAVO who can provide you with the information they require to make informed choices in volunteering. Registration for organisations is free of charge. can help organisations looking to recruit

Third Sector Support Wales’ digital volunteering platform is FREE  for volunteers to look for opportunities and for organisations looking to recruit.

For organisations working with volunteers, this system will help you to recruit and manage volunteers, log volunteer hours, plan rotas and events, record training and experience and produce reports.

Register at

You will need to click the need volunteers – add your opportunity box, register and then add volunteer opportunities.

Safety and compliance for volunteering

As we are all aware, volunteers around the country have helped serve their local communities through the recent lockdowns and this has provided a crucial part of the national response to the pandemic.

Are you aware of your liability as a committee member/trustee to protect your volunteers, staff and beneficiaries?

Are you complying with the law regarding protecting data and contact details of beneficiaries (especially those who may be vulnerable) and volunteers?

Are you protecting your volunteers, beneficiaries and staff , do you have a safeguarding lead person, policy and procedure?

Does your current insurance cover your current work?

Should your volunteers have DBS checks?

As we all continue to work to meet the needs of the community in these challenging times, it is vitally important that we ensure we are all working within the current guidance and legislation.

If you need any further guidance, please contact our Development Officer team, or refer to the following links:

Changes to rules for DBS checks
Disclosure application process for volunteers
Data Protection and GDPR
Risk assessments
Wales Safeguarding Procedures
Safeguarding Social Media

Investing in Volunteers (IiV) – A new free tool to help ensure that volunteers have the best possible experience

IiV Essentials is a free online tool designed especially for volunteer-involving groups and organisations. It was developed nationally and is supported by NCVO, Volunteer Now, Volunteer Scotland and WCVA.

WCVA (alongside NCVO, Volunteer Scotland and Volunteer Now) have launched a new free tool to help you improve the volunteer experience at your organisation, ensuring that volunteers are involved in delivering your mission in the best way possible.

Focussing on six core areas, you’ll be guided through a series of questions that will help you define how you support and engage your volunteers, how they contribute to your mission and how they enhance your services for the people who use them.

You can find out more about IiV Essentials here.

If you are looking for volunteers for your organisation…take a look at our volunteer information sheets

Here you can find all the information you’ll need to get started in volunteering. We cover a wide variety of topics relevant to working with volunteers, from developing your volunteer strategy, writing a volunteer policy, to information on recruitment, expenses, safety, legal matters and how to attract and involve different target groups effectively.

Our volunteering information sheets can be here

Volunteering e-bulletins

Our Volunteer Team helps local organisations be the best they can be through giving best practice guidance on volunteer recruitment and management, supervision, training, engagement and retention. Our regular volunteering e-bulletins are full of the latest volunteering opportunities and also provides a snapshot of opportunities for individuals.

Read our latest volunteering e-bulletin here…


Volunteering Youth Led Grants offering up to £2,000 now open!

Deadline: 21 July 2021.
The aim of the funding is to help young people to volunteer aged 14 – 25 to be more involved in community and voluntary organisations in their local community. Read more …

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