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Current restrictions

The current restrictions mean that:

  • people must not enter other people’s homes, except for very limited purposes;
  • people must limit the number of people that they meet socially and they can only do so outdoors;
  • face coverings continue to be mandatory in the indoor public spaces that remain open (subject to certain exemptions and exceptions), including on public transport and in taxis;
  • people should try and work from home if they can;
  • people should maintain social distancing, including outdoors;
  • people should wash their hands regularly and follow other advice on hygiene;
  • people must self-isolate when told to do so by NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect.

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Six people will be able to meet outdoors in Wales from Saturday 24 April while outdoor hospitality will be allowed to reopen from Monday 26 April as cases of new COVID-19 infections continue to fall


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Darganfyddwch fwy am frechlynnau yma

The health board has set up a  dedicated helpline to try and assist people with enquiries.
It’s open Monday to Friday from 10am – 4pm. T: 01685 726464.

You can also email:
(monitored Monday to Friday from 10am – 4.30pm)

NHS COVID-19 app an important way to help keep Wales safe

Don’t forget to download and use the app because the more people do so the more it will help reduce and manage the spread of COVID. You can find out how to download the app here.

Beat Flu!

In healthy people, flu is unpleasant but usually self-limiting, with recovery in five to seven days. Some people however will develop complications and every year people die as a result of flu.

Most serious illness is seen in very young babies, pregnant women, older people and those with long term health conditions.

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Did you know that flu spreads easily and the flu vaccine is the best way to protect against catching and spreading flu?

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Do you know someone who has experienced sexual abuse or violence?

You can help by listening, letting them speak and telling them that you believe them. You can help them to get support if this is something they wish to do.

For many survivors, support is a crucial part of the healing process, and receiving compassionate responses from friends and family can make a real difference.

You can to see the support on offer here.

#youarenotalone poster   Child Abuse poster  LiveFearFree poster

How can I look after my mental health and wellbeing?

The period we are living through is difficult for many. Looking after your mental health and wellbeing may be more challenging than usual because of work or financial worries and not being able to see friends and family as you usually would.

A lot of people have felt sad, stressed, confused, scared or angry during the pandemic. If you have concerns, try to talk to others rather than dealing with them on your own.


How are you? No matter how you’re feeling, support is available 24/7.
Call 0800 132737 or text “help” to 81066

Sut wyt ti? Sut bynnag wyt ti’n teimlo, mae cymorth ar gael 24/7.
Galw 0800 132737, neu tecstio ‘help’ i 81066

Make a Carer Friendly Commitment to highlight vital role unpaid carers play in our communities

Carer Friendly would love you to join their campaign! Anyone can make a commitment; as an individual or on behalf of your service or organisation.

Making a commitment is easy:

1.    Visit

2.    Watch a short video  about unpaid carers

3.    Submit your commitment

They’ve included helpful suggestions and you can easily view the commitments that other services have made for inspiration. When they receive your commitment, they will send you a range of resources to help you to make a difference to carers in your community.

Latest health news

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