Ukraine Sector Support

How can you help those affected by the war in Ukraine

Homes for Ukraine: register your interest

If you want to offer a home to people fleeing Ukraine, you can become a ‘sponsor’ as part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme. Use this service to register your interest in becoming a sponsor. You can register as an individual or as an organisation on the Governments Homes for Ukraine: register your interest page.

Apply for a Ukraine Family Scheme visa

The Ukraine Family Scheme allows applicants to join family members or extend their stay in the UK. Learn more at the Governments Apply for a Ukraine Family Scheme visa page.

Other ways to help:

If you want to help but cannot offer accommodation, you can donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee. This group of charities work on the ground in Ukraine and neighbouring countries to provide essentials, including food, water, shelter and medical assistance.

People wishing to donate, to help with the Ukraine appeal, should do so as a financial donation through the appropriate channels, such as the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC). This is the preferred option rather than by making physical donations of goods as these can cause logistical issues.

Welsh Government Guidance can be found on the Welsh Governments Ukraine: support for people affected page.

Advice on how public bodies can support the Homes for Ukraine scheme: Homes for Ukraine: guidance for local authorities 

Dedicated helpline for arrivals and sponsors

A dedicated helpline has been launched for people arriving in Wales from Ukraine and for people who are acting as sponsors to provide advice and guidance.

  • For callers in the UK, the number is: Freephone 0808 175 1508.
  • For callers outside the UK, the number is: +44 20 4542 5671.

Details of your offer

Please email and add as much information about your offer as you can, such as quantities of items (condition new/used) or how much time you’re able to commit as a service provider.

If you are interested in volunteering, please visit our  volunteering portal for up to date vacancies or contact – we may be able to put you in touch with support organisations who would value your skills, even if you can only offer a small amount of time only on a short term basis.

If you are looking at donating funding, please email

To support national activity, you. may wish to refer to the  Wales Refugee Council website.

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