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Have you thought about volunteering on a local project?

Things to think about before you volunteer…

  • How many hours do you want to volunteer each week or month?
  • What day would you like to volunteer?
  • Would you like to access training and develop new or existing skills?
  • Have you the skills and life experiences that would benefit a voluntary organisation?

"Volunteering for Community Companions, I completed many courses. I am so thrilled, it has helped greatly to get me where I am today. I have voluntary skills behind me that no one can take away from me."

We provide a one-stop resource of information, advice and guidance on a range of volunteering to suit all ages and abilities

We have over 300 voluntary organisations registered with us, offering a variety of volunteering opportunities. Tell us what you are interested in and we’ll find a match! We have lots of vacancies on our books such as retail, youth work, peer support, health groups through to Board Directors.

There are many opportunities, from administrative work to driving, conservation to education. You can work with many different organisations and people in your area and most organisations offer training and pay out-of-pocket expenses.


For the latest volunteering opportunities click on to our digital platform

Third Sector Support Wales partners (including BAVO) have an exciting digital volunteering platform which is FREE for volunteers to use. You can find opportunities by searching for keywords or according to distance from your location. Volunteers can log the hours and skills you gain through volunteering and you will receive digital badges for volunteering 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 hours.

Registration is straightforward and the website will remind volunteers of forthcoming commitments as well as being a record of what you have achieved, particularly useful for updating your CV!

To register on to BAVO’s section of the website, visit

Take a look at our useful resource if thinking about volunteering

Volunteering involves a degree of personal commitment and responsibility but it also brings with it a sense of achievement and fulfillment. Whatever your reasons for volunteering, the most important advice you can be given is to enjoy what you are doing.

Thinking about volunteering? Take a look at our information sheet here

Sheldon VolunteerCalling young people under 25!

Want to join our Funding Panel?

We are offering the opportunity for young people aged under 25 to be part of the Youth Led Funding Panel in Bridgend, which helps to go through the funding applications we receive from organisations that are looking to develop more youth volunteering

Sheldon volunteers for Bridgend’s Youth Led Panel. He says: “I am a part of a youth panel which allocates funding to different charities and organisations in order to help them achieve their plans to help and involve young people.

“I would encourage young people 100% to join, they are a lovely group of young people, we are laid back, it’s really chilled and it’s not a big commitment.”

For further details, contact BAVO, T: 01656 810400 or E:

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Catch up with our latest volunteering news by visiting our news page here

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For further details contact BAVO, T: 01656 810400 or E:

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