FREE virtual roadshows to improve knowledge and responses to Honour Based Abuse

Would you know how to recognise and respond to signs of Honour Based Abuse?

Since the first National lockdown, the National Honour Based Abuse helpline ran by Karma Nirvana has seen an increase in contacts by 87%. As part of our commitment to ‘Shine the Spotlight’ on Honour Based Abuse, Karma Nirvana are delivering a series of FREE Roadshows across Wales to improve knowledge and responses to Honour Based Abuse.

The Roadshows will enable learners to:

  • understand and identify Honour Based Abuse;
  • manage and safely respond to disclosures of HBA;
  • identify potential risk indicators in cases of HBA;
  • Provide ‘safer multi-agency spaces’ for victims and survivors to speak;
  • broadened ‘safe spaces’ for victims and survivors to make disclosures.

The Roadshows will cover:

  • Defining Honour Based Abuse;
  • Prevalence, data and statistics;
  • Key drivers and motives;
  • Barriers and impact on victims and survivors;
  • Best practice guidance;
  • Relevant law and policy relating to Honour Based Abuse;
  • Safety planning, considering practical and legislative measures.

The Roadshows kick-start in the new year from 10am – 4pm on:
24 March 2021

You can find out further information and select a date book your place here.


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