If you are looking after someone, enjoy some ‘Me Time ‘sessions!

‘Me Time’ is a chance for unpaid carers to do something for their own enjoyment. These online sessions, funded by the Welsh Government, are a place where carers can get involved in a range of activities and explore new opportunities that they may not be able to do normally.

The Me Time programme has been set up as a result of carers sharing concerns about their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

You can do all sorts of things ranging from group viewings of the great wonders of the world, to arts, music, physical exercise, relaxation and mindfulness and so much more.

The sessions are running until March 2021, with at least two sessions every week, at various times during the day, evenings and at weekends. These sessions will be updated regularly on their website.

You can also attend weekly Care for a Cuppa sessions, where unpaid carers are invited to join us for a chat with other carers and to hear from organisations across Wales about the ways they support carers and their loved ones. You can find out more here.






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