Stop the spread of misinformation

Published: 5 July 2021

Online news, social media and digital platforms have given us easy access to information and instant connection to the world. However, it has also provided an unregulated space where false or misleading information can spread quickly and cause great harm. This is called Misinformation.

With nearly half of people in Wales now relying on social media for their news, it is important to be aware that there is a lot of inaccurate information online posing as the truth. So the next time you see a news story, image or meme online remember to stop, think and check.

Misinformation is designed to be believed and it’s not always easy to distinguish. There are a of number terms used to describe false or misleading information. The differences can be subtle but it’s important to know and understand the purpose and intent behind the information you see online.

Misinformation can take many forms and it is important not to believe everything you see, hear or read online at face value. It’s not just news articles where misinformation exists, it’s often found in the form of a meme or an edited picture, an image of out context or a simple social media post. The key challenge in stopping the spread of misinformation is being able to identify and spot it.

Find out more and a simple checklist to help you spot misinformation here

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