Gig Buddies Cymru looking for volunteers

Published: 27 June 2021

Gig Buddies Cymru is looking for volunteers (18+) in Bridgend County to make new friends with adults with a learning disability (and/or autism) and go to gigs and events together. This can be anything from concerts and sport, to sharing hobbies and interests together.

As a Gig Buddy you can use your love of music, the arts, sport, culture and fun to help somebody else in your community to socialise and enjoy new experiences.

Many people with a learning disability find it difficult to go out and enjoy the things that they love to do. For example, almost 1 in 3 young people with a learning disability spend less than an hour a day outside their homes on a typical Saturday (2016 Mencap research).

Before the pandemic, Gig Buddies attended events once a month together. While very few events are taking place the need for friendship and social contact is even more important.

Gig Buddies have been meeting online for virtual parties and events, and whenever it is safe to do so, meeting up outdoors. As soon as they are able to do so, Gig Buddies will go back to attending gigs, events and festivals together.

Gig Buddies Cymru give you free training and ongoing advice and support to help you be a great Gig Buddy. Most importantly you will get a new friend!

To volunteer, email: or phone 029 2068 1160.

For more information go to or find them Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @FfrindiauGigiau

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