Our Volunteer Team helps local organisations be the best they can be through giving best practice guidance on volunteer recruitment and management, supervision, training, engagement and retention.

Visit our Volunteer Centre - 2 Queen Street, Bridgend town centre and have a chat with our Volunteer Team.

Open 10am - 4pm, Monday - Friday, we provide one to one confidential interviews which are designed to provide volunteers with the information they require to make informed choices in volunteering. Registration for organisations is free of charge.

We also run a Volunteer Management Forum which brings organisations together and provides peer support, legal updates, information on safe volunteering and working practices and to learn and share ways to continuously improve the quality and diversity of opportunities to local volunteers.

Register your organisation on to our digital platform

Third Sector Support Wales partners (including BAVO) have launched an exciting digital volunteering platform which is FREE  for volunteers to look for opportunities and for organisations looking to recruit.

For organisations working with volunteers the new system will help you to recruit and manage volunteers, log volunteer hours, plan rotas and events, record training and experience and produce reports.

Register at Bridgend.volunteering-wales.net

You will need to click the need volunteers - add your opportunity box, register and then add volunteer opportunities.

If you are are looking for volunteers for your organisation...take a look at our volunteer information sheets 

Here you can find all the information you'll need to get started in volunteering. We cover a wide variety of topics relevant to working with volunteers, from developing your volunteer strategy, writing a volunteer policy, to information on recruitment, expenses, safety, legal matters and how to attract and involve different target groups effectively.

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The 2020/21 Volunteering Wales Grants scheme is now open to applications!

Applications must be received by 26 May 2020 on WCVA’s Multipurpose Application Portal (MAP).

The scheme is administered by WCVA and is designed to deliver the Welsh Government’s commitment to identifying opportunities for more people to volunteer.

The Volunteering Wales Grants for 2020/21 will support volunteering projects that contribute towards ‘A Wales of Vibrant Culture & Thriving Welsh Language’ and two other, self-selected, Well-being of Future Generation Act (2015) goals. You will also be asked to identify which of the Prosperity for All priorities your activity contributes towards.

Volunteering has an immediate and long-term positive impact on the individual and community. Nationally, volunteers are vital for the delivery of the missions and values of voluntary sector organisations.

The Well-being of Future Generations Act (2015) aims to improve the way that Wales achieves economic, social, environmental and cultural Well-being. The Volunteering Wales Grant scheme will contribute to the seven well-being goals through funding organisations to support and train individuals in quality volunteering opportunities.

Organisations must be from the voluntary sector, not including political organisations, County Voluntary Councils or Volunteer centres. Projects can start from 10 August 2020, with a start date no later than 1 September 2020. All projects must end by 31 March 2021 and can be up to the value of £20,000. Volunteering by young people is encouraged and supported through this grant scheme and 30% of the funding available has been ring fenced to support projects that exclusively recruit young volunteers aged 14 – 25.

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For further details contact Sharon or Geraint at BAVO's Bridgend Volunteer Centre, T: 01656 810400 or E: [email protected]