Don't miss the opportunity to have your say on third sector and public sector services in Wales that affect you and your organisation.

What impact is BAVO having?

How does BAVO help your organisation with volunteer management, funding, governance and influencing?

The 2019-20 Third Sector Support Wales Impact Survey has launched, giving you the chance to let BAVO know about the impact our services in governance, funding, volunteering and engagement and influencing have on your organisation.

This lets BAVO understand how we’re doing and helps us plan for the future. So please take ten minutes or so to tell us your thoughts and help us learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

Third Sector Support Wales is a network of support organisations for the third sector in Wales. Our shared goal is to enable the third sector and volunteers across Wales to contribute fully to individual and community wellbeing, now and for the future.

Pa effaith mae BAVO yn ei chael?

Sut mae BAVO yn helpu eich sefydliad chi gyda gwaith rheoli gwirfoddolwyr, cyllido, llywodraethu a dylanwadu?

Mae Arolwg Effaith Cefnogi Trydydd Sector Cymru 2019-20 wedi cael ei lansio, ac mae’n rhoi cyfle i chi roi gwybod i BAVO am yr effaith y mae ein gwasanaethau ym meysydd llywodraethu, cyllido, gwirfoddoli ac ymgysylltu a dylanwadu yn ei chael ar eich sefydliad chi.

Bydd BAVO yn dod i ddeall a ydym yn llwyddo, a bydd yn ein helpu i gynllunio tuag at y dyfodol. Felly, treuliwch ryw ddeng munud yn rhoi eich barn i ni ac yn ein helpu i ddysgu beth sy’n gweithio i chi a beth sydd ddim.

Rhwydwaith o fudiadau cymorth i’r trydydd sector yng Nghymru yw Cefnogi Trydydd Sector Cymru. Nod y rhwydwaith yw galluogi’r trydydd sector a gwirfoddolwyr ledled Cymru i gyfrannu’n llawn at lesiant unigolion a chymunedau, yn awr ac at y dyfodol.

Join Carers Trust South East Wales Carers Panel

Do you provide unpaid care for a relative, friend or neighbour who needs care and support?

Do you want easier and improved access to the information, advice and support you need?

Would you like to be involved in developing services and providing an independent voice for carers and those you look after?

Join Carers Trust South East Wales Carers Panel as they want you to have a say on what matters to you.

For further details contact Helen Davey, T: 01656 336969 and E: [email protected]

Have your Say – Equality Objectives 2020

Wales Public Body Equality Partnership - Public Consultation on our Strategic Equality Objectives 2020 – 2024

Consultation ends Sunday 26 January 2020.

The Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) requires listed bodies to review their equality objectives at least every four years. Organisations are asked to publish their revised objectives and the steps (the actions) they will take to meet them, and the deadline to publish them is 1 April 2020. 

In line with recommendations from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and Welsh Government, several public bodies were keen to work together to agree shared objectives. This has involved the sharing of resource, insight and expertise. The group of bodies known as the ‘Wales Public Body Equality Partnership’ are committed to working together over the long term to deliver joint action to meet the objectives, understanding the collective impact through agreeing transparent outcome measures.

It is hoped that by working together a greater impact will be achieved in the delivery of more equal public services, significantly contributing to tackling inequalities as set out in the ‘Is Wales Fairer report, 2018’.

This collaborative work reflects the principles of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act and will directly contribute to the national well-being goal ‘A More Equal Wales’. Throughout the work of the partnership the sustainable development principle and five ways of working will be applied and evidenced.

| Read more, take part in survey and find out about engagements events in November and December 2019 |

Monitoring the impact of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 in relation to unpaid carers

Carers Wales launched the 2018 -2019 Track the Act report 2 October 2019. This is the latest briefing in a series which has gathered evidence from carers across Wales as well as information from local authorities and local health boards about how the Act is is being implemented for carers across Wales. Carers Wales remains concerned about how the on-going implementation of the Act is affecting carers across Wales.  The briefing outlines the key findings and recommendations that Carers Wales believes need to be undertaken to remove the barriers in place that are preventing its successful implementation.

| Responses received from individual local authorities and local health boards in response to our information request can also be found here |

The questionnaire for carers for next year’s briefing is now live online. This questionnaire is for unpaid carers to give their views on the rights they have received under the Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act 2014 (the Act). A carer defined under the Act is someone who provides or intends to provide care for a friend or family member.
| The online questionnaire can be found here  |

Survivors invited to contribute to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

More than 4,000 victims and survivors of child sexual abuse in England and Wales have shared their experiences with the Truth Project, part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. Information gathered in Truth Project sessions will mean the Inquiry can get a better picture of the past to help create a safer place for children in the future.  Meanwhile, new statistics from the Inquiry have found over three quarters of victims and survivors believe they were stereotyped after speaking out about their abuse.  

The Inquiry is calling for a more open conversation about child sexual abuse and asking survivors to come forward to contribute to its work. | Read more |

Welsh Government consultations

Welsh Government gives you the opportunity to have your say on what's happening in Wales by issuing a range of consultations on a wide variety of topics that affect you and your organisation.  | Read more |

A data led investigation into the impact of Universal Credit in Wales

This large-scale research project, commissioned by the Welsh Government, is to understand how Universal Credit is affecting families in Wales. As part of the research, Policy in Practice are inviting claimants, stakeholders and members of frontline organisations to complete an online survey to explore the impacts of Universal Credit in more detail.

There are two separate elements to the survey research. Organisations may choose to participate in both survey elements, just one, or neither.

| Download English language survey here |
| Download Welsh language survey here |

If you have any questions about the surveys, contact Ben Fell, Head of Analysis, Policy in Practice, T: 03300 889242 or E: [email protected]

Welsh Senate of Older People - P is for People

Public toilet provision is an issue which requires urgent action. Help them to gather information about public toilets in Wales.

Share with any friends, family or colleagues who may be interested | by completing questionnaire here |

Return your completed questionnaire, by emailing to [email protected]

Measuring the Mountain want to hear your stories!

Measuring the Mountain is a Welsh Government funded project looking at people’s experiences of needing care and support or of being a carer.  It’s an all-Wales collaboration of the public sector, third sector and, most importantly, the people who live here. They want to know more about what it is like to be a carer, looking after a loved one, family member, friend or neighbour or someone who needs care and support. | Read more |

By sharing this information, people will be helping to inform Welsh Government, social care professionals and others about what needing care and support services, or being a carer, is like, as well as what works well and what could be done differently.  They will share all their findings, conclusions and recommendations through reports, events and the website, as well as directly with Welsh Government.

Measuring the Mountain will be collecting stories until 31 May 2020, after which they will analyse the stories and share their findings with Welsh Government, organisations and people across Wales. For further details, contact Katie,  T: 07964 407 739, E: [email protected] or visit

Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Treating People Fairly is the Welsh Ambulance Services’ Equality and Human Rights Strategy and our Strategic Equality Plan. They want the strategy to set out what they plan on doing over the next four years to continue to create an environment where, regardless of background or circumstances:

  • Each patient and carer we come into contact with is provided with a high quality service which meets their needs as an individual;
  •  Every colleague is supported to bring their whole selves to work and has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

As an NHS Trust, they have a duty to make their services and workplaces as fair for everyone as they can. Part of this means reviewing their equality objectives every four years. When they do this, it’s really important to them that they include as many of their service users, communities and staff in the process as is possible.

The first part of this survey will help them to understand issues you face when accessing their services and will help highlight opportunities for change. In part two of the survey, they want you to tell them about the potential themes for delivering improvements.

| Have your say by taking part in survey here |

Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

Over the course of the last year the Patient Experience & Community Involvement Team within the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust have been engaging with and collating feedback from carers (especially older carers) that has demonstrated the importance for us to better understand their needs. 

Carers have told them that they are reluctant to seek help for themselves due to carer responsibilities and their expectations when it is the person they care for needing help. They have developed a survey that is being carried out to capture more in-depth information to help develop our approach to improving experiences and outcomes for carers.

The Carers Survey is now live and can be completed bilingually via the same link.  Please feel free to share with colleagues and anyone else you feel is appropriate. 

| Have your say by taking part in survey here |

Have you used Bridgend Carers Centre?

Bridgend Carers Centre specialises in the provision of information, support and short break opportunities to adult carers throughout Bridgend County Borough. If you have used the centre, they would like you to complete a very short survey to tell them about your experiences with them and what services and activities you would to see in the future. | Take part in survey |