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Particpants needed for research -
Survey on BAME Representation in Public and Political life

As part of the RAW Project Development Worker Remit, Race Alliance Wales is  undertaking action research into the topic of BAME Representation in Public and Political life. Their Peer Researchers have been working tirelessly over the last month to pull together a number of methods that they are rolling out through August as part of their Active Research Phase. This include a general landscape survey, with the aim to obtain general population view, experiences, and thoughts on the topic.

This is looking to be a ground-breaking piece of research, not done in an independent capacity, in this way, before. The outcomes and recommendations that will come from the research will be used as a key lobbying tool to elicit change.

| Download survey here | Deadline 24 August 2020.

The survey should take no longer than 20 minutes and is targeted at the following:

  • 18+
  • Identify as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME);
  • Living in Wales
  • General Public 

For further details E: [email protected]   

Health and Care Research Wales and Social Care Wales

Health and Care Research Wales and Social Care Wales recently asked people for their comments and questions about social care and support for older people in Wales.  They summarised these into questions that could be answered by research.

They would now help in deciding which questions are the most important.

Please take part in the survey if you are:

  • aged 65 and over who receives care or support;
  • a professional, volunteer  or family member who provides that care. 

You don’t need to know about research – they just want to hear your opinion based on your own experience.

| Take part in survey here |

It will take about 10 minutes to complete and is open until 24 August 2020. What you think matters!

WCVA want to hear from you

WCVA is still working on its response to the Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee’s consultation on the impact of Covid-19 on the environment, climate change, agriculture, fisheries and animal welfare.

The Committee are looking at the following points:

  • the scale and impact of the pandemic on your work and/or sector;
  • how Welsh Government action to date has helped to combat the impact of the pandemic;
  • what further steps Welsh Government should take.

WCVA has had extensive engagement with the sector on this and other subjects over the course of the crisis, however, they are keen to gather as much input from the sector as they can on this.

If you have any thoughts or evidence you would like to be considered for inclusion in our response, email David Cook, WCVA Policy Officer, on [email protected] by Friday 14 August. Alternatively, leave a comment on our online pinboard at Padlet.

Wales TUC launched new survey on race and the workplace

Wales TUC want to listen to the lived experiences of people who live and/or work in Wales.  They want to know more about how people are finding the Welsh workplace and the impact that their race or ethnicity has on this.  Your responses will help them create useful resources for workplaces and help them to provide evidence for the Welsh Government on what needs to change.

| Download survey here |    | Lawrlwythwch arolwg yma |

Welsh Government issues invitation to people in Wales to send their thoughts on how it should support future post-Covid recovery and reconstruction in Wales

Welsh Government would like to hear from the people in Wales about what really matters, about where we should focus our efforts on recovery. People are asked to aim to do that by the end of July. That will be far from the end of this crucial national conversation, but it will help focus people’s efforts in contributing to our understanding and thinking in these early stages.

A dedicated email address – [email protected] – is for people to use to share their thoughts on how we can shape our future Wales.

Participate in a research study about social well-being

Researchers at the University of South Wales and the Wales School for Social Prescribing Research (WSSPR) are running a study to gather insights into what makes up a person’s social world and what aspects of this influence their well-being. They would like to invite you to engage in three separate online activities over the next six weeks. The purpose of the exercise is to move towards a consensus position on what makes up a person’s social world.

| Read more here | 

Join Carers Trust South East Wales Carers Panel

Do you provide unpaid care for a relative, friend or neighbour who needs care and support?

Do you want easier and improved access to the information, advice and support you need?

Would you like to be involved in developing services and providing an independent voice for carers and those you look after?

Join Carers Trust South East Wales Carers Panel as they want you to have a say on what matters to you.

For further details contact Helen Davey, T: 01656 336969 and E: [email protected]

Welsh Government consultations

Welsh Government gives you the opportunity to have your say on what's happening in Wales by issuing a range of consultations on a wide variety of topics that affect you and your organisation.  | Read more |