Don't miss the opportunity to have your say on third sector and public sector services in Wales that affect you and your organisation.

What impact is BAVO having?

How does BAVO help your organisation with volunteer management, funding, governance and influencing?

The 2019-20 Third Sector Support Wales Impact Survey has launched, giving you the chance to let BAVO know about the impact our services in governance, funding, volunteering and engagement and influencing have on your organisation.

This lets BAVO understand how we’re doing and helps us plan for the future. So please take ten minutes or so to tell us your thoughts and help us learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

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Third Sector Support Wales is a network of support organisations for the third sector in Wales. Our shared goal is to enable the third sector and volunteers across Wales to contribute fully to individual and community wellbeing, now and for the future.

Pa effaith mae BAVO yn ei chael?

Sut mae BAVO yn helpu eich sefydliad chi gyda gwaith rheoli gwirfoddolwyr, cyllido, llywodraethu a dylanwadu?

Mae Arolwg Effaith Cefnogi Trydydd Sector Cymru 2019-20 wedi cael ei lansio, ac mae’n rhoi cyfle i chi roi gwybod i BAVO am yr effaith y mae ein gwasanaethau ym meysydd llywodraethu, cyllido, gwirfoddoli ac ymgysylltu a dylanwadu yn ei chael ar eich sefydliad chi.

Bydd BAVO yn dod i ddeall a ydym yn llwyddo, a bydd yn ein helpu i gynllunio tuag at y dyfodol. Felly, treuliwch ryw ddeng munud yn rhoi eich barn i ni ac yn ein helpu i ddysgu beth sy’n gweithio i chi a beth sydd ddim.

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Rhwydwaith o fudiadau cymorth i’r trydydd sector yng Nghymru yw Cefnogi Trydydd Sector Cymru. Nod y rhwydwaith yw galluogi’r trydydd sector a gwirfoddolwyr ledled Cymru i gyfrannu’n llawn at lesiant unigolion a chymunedau, yn awr ac at y dyfodol.

Community Views - COVID-19 Recovery Planning

Do you live in Bridgend, Rhonnda Cynon Taf or Merthyr Tydfil? As we move on to the recovery phase of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, we will all need to take action to protect ourselves, our families and our communities.

To help Cwm Taf Morgannwg Health Board plan locally for when the lockdown restrictions start to ease, they need your feedback on the next steps.

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The survey will be open until midnight on Sunday 31 May 2020.            

A framework for regional investment in Wales - securing Wales' future

This public consultation sets out Welsh Government's thinking on the future of regional investment outside the European Union, developed working closely with our partners. It covers a set of proposals for investing replacement funding from the UK Government in a national framework that is underpinned by investments targeted and managed regionally. This will allow them to build on the successful legacy of Welsh managed European funding programmes.

How to respond We will be holding a number of events around Wales for different citizens, stakeholders and communities and will promote these widely. There will be opportunities to engage online and on social media too.

The deadline for responses is 5 June 2020.

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Charity Property Matters Survey 2020

The Ethical Property Foundation is the UK property advice charity for the voluntary sector. Could you help with a survey? It takes just six minutes to complete and aims to build a vivid picture of the key property trends and issues affecting our sector. | Read more |

Arolwg Eiddo Elusennau 2020

Sefydliad Ethical Property Foundation yw'r elusen sy’n cynnig cyngor ar eiddo sector gwirfoddol y Deyrnas Gyfunol.  A allwch chi helpu gyda'r arolwg? Gellir cwblhau'r arolwg mewn dim ond 6 munud, a'i nod yw creu darlun byw o'r tueddiadau a'r materion eiddo allweddol sy'n effeithio ar ein sector. | Darllen mwy |

Join Carers Trust South East Wales Carers Panel

Do you provide unpaid care for a relative, friend or neighbour who needs care and support?

Do you want easier and improved access to the information, advice and support you need?

Would you like to be involved in developing services and providing an independent voice for carers and those you look after?

Join Carers Trust South East Wales Carers Panel as they want you to have a say on what matters to you.

For further details contact Helen Davey, T: 01656 336969 and E: [email protected]

Welsh Government consultations

Welsh Government gives you the opportunity to have your say on what's happening in Wales by issuing a range of consultations on a wide variety of topics that affect you and your organisation.  | Read more |

Measuring the Mountain want to hear your stories!

Measuring the Mountain is a Welsh Government funded project looking at people’s experiences of needing care and support or of being a carer.  It’s an all-Wales collaboration of the public sector, third sector and, most importantly, the people who live here. They want to know more about what it is like to be a carer, looking after a loved one, family member, friend or neighbour or someone who needs care and support. | Read more |

By sharing this information, people will be helping to inform Welsh Government, social care professionals and others about what needing care and support services, or being a carer, is like, as well as what works well and what could be done differently.  They will share all their findings, conclusions and recommendations through reports, events and the website, as well as directly with Welsh Government.

Measuring the Mountain will be collecting stories until 31 May 2020, after which they will analyse the stories and share their findings with Welsh Government, organisations and people across Wales. For further details, contact Katie,  T: 07964 407 739, E: [email protected] or visit