Future Generations April 2021 Newsletter

Published: 29 April 2021
Please note, this article has expired

Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales says:

“Since publishing my Future Generations 2020 report in May 2020, my office has been working to share its findings and recommendations to Welsh Government, public bodies and other organisations across Wales.

“A key focus of my role has always been to support public bodies’ implementation the Act. Now, following feedback and the Senedd Public Accounts Committee report findings, my office will be renewing this focus and increasing our support and advice.

“Following conversations with public bodies, I also understood that there was a need to produce more accessible and tailored versions of the FG Report to ensure people are accessing the information relevant and important to them.

“To make my recommendations more accessible, my team has created Bite-sized versions of the FG Report, with specific and tailored versions for public bodies, town and community councils, freelancers, consultants and others.

“These comprehensive versions are tailored to you and your area of work and include the most relevant information including ideas and recommendations. The content is not new – it’s drawn from the Report but is presented in a targeted format that I hope will be easier to access.

“I am pleased to have worked with numerous organisations to develop and share these bite-sized versions but also to highlight how their work can support and embed the Act.

“In particular my team has worked with Young Planners Cymru (YPC) – a network open to professional planners which provides a fantastic networking space for young planners to meet other likeminded professionals – to discuss how the Act provides an excellent framework for their work including how to align with the well-being goals and the sustainable development principle.

“YPC are keen to join together with the Future Generations team to further educate young professionals with techniques and tools to help to promote a sustainable Wales for future generations.”

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