Faith in the Future? – Welsh Historic Places of Worship Forum Digital Forum

Historic Places of Worship in the Aftermath of COVID-19
22 October 2020 from 9.15am – 12.15pm
Free of charge

Historic Places of Worship Forum invites you to join a digital event to ensure that our places of worship survive the challenges brought about by the current pandemic.

The future of our buildings appears more uncertain than ever as lockdown restrictions are re-imposed in much of Wales. Yet, while causing untold disruption in all of our lives, innovation born of necessity has been one of the unexpected consequences of the global pandemic.

Strange as it may sound, congregations have reacted to the crisis in extraordinary and exciting ways. At this event we intend to capture everyday stories of innovation and inspiration that have been the hallmark of community responses in these unprecedented times. All of us have experienced new ways of communicating and working over recent months. It is only natural, therefore, that we also consider the future of our historic sites at this time of transition.

The Historic Places of Worship Forum would welcome the opportunity to hear what you need to secure the future for your place of worship. The programme is designed to be of practical value to congregations facing difficult questions.

Hosted online to engage the widest possible audience, it will provide an opportunity to learn from the experience of others facing similar challenges and uncertainties. Many faith groups will have been having similar discussions at a local, regional or national level. The Forum aims to share this learning beyond individual denominations and faiths. This event is intended as an opportunity to share experiences, ask questions and provide feedback.

The day will combine micro-presentations sharing local examples and question and answer sessions exploring three themes:

  • Digital Places of Worship – from streaming acts of worship to online giving, how have places of worship engaged with new technologies?
  • Community Places of Worship – from pop-up foodbanks to new night shelters, how do we adapt community response measures in the post-pandemic world?
  • Physical Places of Worship – while community spaces are needed more than ever, what are the practical implications for places of worship when reopening?

You can register your place here

They are keen to make this event inclusive across different denominations, faiths and regions in Wales. Please feel free to share news of this event to anyone who might be interested.


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