Bridgend Public Services Board

The Bridgend Public Services Board is a group of public sector and not for profit organisations (including BAVO) who work together to create a better Bridgend County Borough.

PSB Wellbeing PlanA new law called the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015) was introduced in 2016. It created goals for each authority to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural wellbeing of their area.The Act also made it a legal requirement for each local authority to create a public services board (PSB). Bridgend Public Services Board was created on 1 April 2016.

As part of the Act, the Bridgend Public Service Board collected data and information and asked local people about the strengths and challenges facing the area, both now and in the future. The information was used to develop the Bridgend Assessment of Well-being which was published in April 2017 and helps us to understand the needs of our citizens and communities and will be updated regularly.

The wellbeing assessment along with other key information was used to develop the Well-being Plan for Bridgend County Borough which tells us how to improve well-being in our local area and what we need to do in order to achieve this. It also shows how following the plan will help us to meet the seven well-being goals set out in the Act.

The key elements of the Public Services Board structure for well-being in Bridgend County Borough include:

  • Safe and Cohesive Communities;
  • Best Start in Life;
  • Healthy Choices in a Healthy Environment;
  • Reducing Social and Economic Inequalities.

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Bridgend Public Services Board issue first annual report

PSB Annual ReportTheir first annual report highlights the activity that has been undertaken over the last year to deliver the priorities identified by the public and communities of Bridgend County Borough.

The downloadable and printable annual includes short videos reflecting the progress on each of the wellbeing objectives and the development of the Public Services Board in its first year and printable infographics showing a selection of statistics about the activity for each of their wellbeing objectives.

Mark Brace Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales Police – Chair of Bridgend PSB says:” The Public Services Board is in a unique position to be able to utilise our collective resources more effectively and we have challenged ourselves to make a difference by improving the way we work together to deliver better, more sustainable services.

“This is reflected throughout the report and, even though the Public Services Board is still relatively new, we are able to demonstrate success in delivering on our priorities of creating a better start in life, building safer communities, tackling inequality and promoting healthier choices. I would like to thank all those partners who have shown a clear and continued commitment to the Public Services Board and for their contribution over the past year.

“This has allowed us to build on the existing strong partnership links within Bridgend and create a strong foundation for future success. I hope the report provides the reassurance that we are committed to working collaboratively to improve the opportunities for those within Bridgend County and that we will continue to challenge each other to make a positive difference.”

You can download their annual report here

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