Volunteers’ Week is a time to say thank you to the thousands of volunteers that have made a big difference to people’s lives! 

This year feels more important than ever as the voluntary response to coronavirus has been vital in providing services such as shopping, prescription collection or welfare calls to people that are feeling isolated and anxious.

In Bridgend County Borough we have had 1,553 people register as volunteers between 1 March and 21 May! We have truly been overwhelmed and humbled by the generosity and kindness of our local residents. Volunteers that contributed their valuable time to help others before this crisis also deserve a big thank you.

Join us on Thursday 4 June at 8pm, when we will be clapping to say a big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers! #ClapforVolunteers

An hour of your day goes a long way!  We are still recruiting volunteers, please register with us online at: bridgend.volunteering-wales.net/vk/volunteers/index.htm

Our Chief Executives's message of thanks to volunteers . .

Thank you...

Volunteer Centre staff from every county in Wales have come together for #VolunteersWeek to record this special message to thank volunteers who make such a huge contribution to communities across the country. Thank You
Mae staff Canolfannau Gwirfoddoli yng Nghymru wedi dod ynghyd ar gyfer #WythnosGwirfoddolwyr i recordio neges o ddiolch arbennig i bob gwirfoddolwr am eu cyfraniad enfawr ar draws y wlad. Diolch.

Bridgend County Borough Council is hugely grateful to our volunteers for all their kindness and efforts to ensure those who are shielded or isolated have access to what they need at this very difficult time and to BAVO who has been overseeing the entire operation. | Read more |

Thank you because... 

“Volunteer was absolutely fantastic - I am very fortunate to have had this service from BAVO - thank you.”

“Really grateful for this excellent service, volunteer was really helpful and kind – it was wonderful.”

“Thank you BAVO volunteers, really appreciate you doing my shopping for me.”

“Fantastic, such a relief, thank you so much to the volunteer that did my mums shopping.”

“Absolutely brilliant don’t know how I would have managed without the volunteers to pick up my shopping and prescriptions.”

“Can’t thank the volunteer enough – thank you to BAVO for oganising my shopping and being so quick and helping me when I was desperate.”

“When I was allocated a  volunteer driver I was so relieved to help have help with my shopping and picking up prescriptions, it was better than winning a million pounds – the volunteer was amazing.”

“Everything went better than okay. We would give the volunteer a million out of 10 for the service we received, overjoyed by the help of the volunteer it means a lot when you have no friends or family near by.”

“Volunteer was brilliant, we couldn’t have asked for better. Volunteer did everything to the letter and went above and beyond in getting us the items we asked for."

"We were so impressed with the volunteer from BAVO, we have recommended the support offered to a our older neighbours who are struggling.”

“I can’t thank the young volunteer befriender enough, she’s a tonic!! She phones me twice a week and I so look forward to those calls.  I feel relaxed talking to her. To be honest, I was feeling down and depressed before she started phoning me.  I felt as if I was struggling to cope. She has been my lifesaver; I feel so comfortable talking to her. Isn’t it wonderful what people will do out of the goodness of their hearts?  And thank you BAVO for putting her in touch with me; when I clap on Thursdays, I clap for BAVO and your volunteers too.”

"The volunteer was fantastic and so were BAVO; I can’t thank the volunteer enough for supporting me at a very low point in my life."

Join us for our online volunteer morning

To celebrate volunteers week and to thank all the amazing volunteers for their support, not only during these uncertain times but throughout the year BAVO will be hosting an online volunteer coffee morning .

Take some time out to enjoy a cuppa with BAVO’s volunteering team. It’s a great opportunity to meet other volunteers, make new friends, get any volunteering queries answered and get volunteer updates.

We would be thrilled if you can join us on Friday 5 June 10-11am.

Bring a cuppa and a slice of cake. We look forward to seeing you!

To take part in the volunteer coffee morning please join us on Zoom here

For log in password please email: [email protected]

Thank you!

Laura's story ...thank you! #PowerofYouth
"Whilst undertaking my degree I found a volunteer placement in KPC youth. The staff have been more than welcoming, treating me immediately as part of the team." | Read more |

Sheldon's story...thank you! #PowerofYouth
"Volunteering has definitely boosted my ability to work in a team and compromise. It has certainly changed the way I see volunteering and different charity groups around me. Volunteering is giving an hour of your day to change someone's life." | Read more |

Tia's story (aged 13) ...thank you! #PowerofYouth
‘I love volunteering in KPC because it is fun helping out as it is quite an easy volunteer role and it is really good fun." | Read more |

Cameron's story (aged 16)...thank you! #PowerofYouth
"My name is Cameron but when I am in KPC some staff members often call me "Rigger". I love coming to KPC three nights a week to see that members are safe, happy and always have a smile on their face." | Read more |

Emily's story...thank you! #PowerofYouth
“I initially decided to volunteer as I am a first year student nurse I wasn’t able to join the workforce so I wanted to help the situation in a different way and I liked the idea of delivering to those who can’t leave the house themselves.  BAVO make it very easy to help, it’s well organised and I was able to start volunteering very fast."  | Read more |

Diana's story... thank you!
"I have been volunteering for some time with BAVO before the Covid-19 outbreak. I love volunteering with BAVO, I have met some lovely people along the way and the staff are very good; committed beyond their jobs." | Read more |

Read more stories from our volunteers here...

We have been overwhelmed by the response from residents in Bridgend County Borough!

We cannot begin to describe how inspired we are by the kindness people have shown in wanting to help those in need during this difficult time.

Volunteers have been fantastic they have helped with shopping, picking up prescriptions, telephone befrienders/welfare checks and ringing or visiting individuals on the shielding list.

The figures below are what has been achieved by our volunteers since March through to the end of May:

501 individuals have received support from volunteers to do their shopping.

1,086 individuals have received support from volunteers to pick up their prescriptions.

200 people have received a phone call from a Volunteer that is either a telephone befriender or a welfare check.

961 people who were shielding received a phone call or a visit by a volunteer, to make sure they were ok and didn’t need any support or help.

47 people have received support from a Volunteer to have their foodbank delivered.

Thank you to all our volunteers for helping vulnerable people living in our communities in these most challenging of times!

We are still recruiting volunteers - | please register with us online here |

Reasons to celebrate volunteering each year

A survey of volunteers' experience reminds us that volunteers both give and also gain much through their volunteering - and that there is much to celebrate!

Time Well Spent is a national survey, published by NCVO in January 2019. Seven in 10 people surveyed, have volunteered at some point in their lives. Those aged 65 and over are the age group most likely to have volunteered recently and those between 25-34 are least likely.

The findings highlighted a spectrum of engagement with volunteering: some are committed on a weekly basis whilst for others it is something they dip in and out of occasionally.

Volunteers are central to the work of countless charities and other organisations. They are a valuable presence in many communities, making a difference in places as diverse as sport clubs, schools and hospitals.

Contact us

Volunteering can be exciting, challenging and rewarding. It benefits you and the individuals or group you are helping. For further details, contact Sharon at BAVO's Bridgend Volunteer Centre, T: 01656 810400 or E: [email protected]