Here you can find the information sheets that have been written specifically for people who have responsibility for managing and administering the third sector's wide range of voluntary organisations - either as a trustee, a governing body or as management committee member.

Register of People with Significant Control    

A register of People with Significant Control is a statutory register of the people who own and/or control a corporate entity (the PSC Register). It will apply to the majority of UK registered companies limited by guarantee and Community Interest Companies, it does not apply to co-operative societies, community benefit societies and Charitable Incorporated Organisations.   

Register of People with Significant Control |

Cofrestr o Bobl â Rheolaeth Arwyddocaol |

Principles of governance

Governance is the general term used to describe the legal, supervisory and moral responsibilities arising from the trusteeship. Governance also embraces more practical day-to-day issues in the way that trustees work with their Chief Officer, staff and other stakeholders to deliver the organisation’s objectives. It is about taking responsibility for the running of an organisation and doing everything within the law to ensure its success. 

Principles of governance |

Egwyddorion llywodraethu |

Trustee duties and responsibilities

Sometimes it can be difficult to get a full picture of the duties and responsibilities a trustee has. Some are legal requirements that carry sanctions if not complied with, others are considered best practice and there are those that may be thought of as moral obligations.

Trustee duties and responsibilities |

Dyletswyddau a chyfrifoldebau ymddiriedolwyr |

Governing body structures and honorary officers

Every organisation should have a Governing Body, which is legally responsible for the operation of the organisation.

Governing body structures and honorary officers |

Y corff llywodraethu a swyddogion anrhydeddus |

Recruitment, selection and induction

Recruiting, selecting and inducting governing body members are one of the most important activities a voluntary organisation can undertake. A well balanced governing body will provide direction and possess the skills to develop the organisation. All too often, however, this process is carried out in an ad hoc way.

Recruitment, selection and induction |

Recriwtio,dethol a sefydlu |

Training and development for trustees

Trustees need a range of skills, knowledge and qualities to do their job properly. Identifying skills needs and encouraging trustees to take up a range of training and development opportunities will improve the capacity of the existing members and also aid in improving recruitment and retention rates.

Training and development for trustees |

Hyfforddiant a datblygiad ar gyfer ymddiriedolwyr |

Working with the Chief Officer

The management structure of voluntary organisations can vary greatly and the formality of this structure is often determined by size and resources.

Working with the Chief Officer |

Gweithio gyda’r Prif Swyddog |

Liability of trustees and governing body members

Liability means being held legally responsible for actions taken and for defaults. Liabilities arise when individuals or organisations are in breach of criminal law, statutory duty, trust, contract, covenants or other property rights or duties under an insolvency.

Liability of trustees and governing body members |

Atebolrwydd llywodraethwyr ac aelodau corff llywodraethu |

Trustee indemnity insurance

Trustee Indemnity Insurance indemnifies trustees from personal liability for claims made against them for breach of trust, negligence or default, as long as the mistake was honestly made and not the result of wilful misconduct.

Trustee indemnity insurance |

Yswiriant indemniad ymddiriedolwy |

 'Winding up' - the steps involved and alternative options

'Winding up’ is simply another term for ‘liquidation’ which is the process by which an organisation is brought to an end and the assets and property of the organisation redistributed.

| Winding up - the steps involved and alternative options |

| Dirwyn i ben - y camau ac opsiynau eraill |

Additional information sheet - Conflict of interest policy

This policy identifies potential conflicts of interests for trustees and sets out procedures for avoiding conflicts of interest.

| Conflict of interest policy - board of trustees |