Getting on Board, a charity dedicated to creating community leaders through board level Volunteering, has published new practical guidance on trustee recruitment.

Trustees lead and govern charities, so recruiting people into these roles is an extremely important and high-impact activity. The new guidance aims to help charities with the process of effective and open trustee recruitment. 

Currently there are an estimated 90,000 vacancies for Trusteeships and 90% of organisations report recruiting their Trustees by word of mouth and existing networks. Men outnumber women on Trustee boards 2:1, and on average, a Trustee is 57. Simultaneously only 41% of Trustee boards are representative of the communities they serve, and a meagre 14% of organisations feel well-equipped to meet compliance, strategic, and development needs.

From assessing skills gaps in an organisation's Trustee Board, to effective advertisement, to developing meaningful inductions for a new Trustee, Getting on Board seeks to demystify the process and promote the practice of open recruitment for charity boards.

This new guidance gives everything from checklists to flow charts to skills mapping guides for organisations looking to grow, diversify, or strengthen their Trustee board. Especially for smaller organisations who may be embracing open recruitment for the first time, the guide is a step by step to getting the best out of the process, and a new Trustee.

| Download the guidance (English only) |