Sheldon's story...

Sheldon volunteers for BAVO's Youth Led Panel.

"I am a part of a youth panel which allocates funding to different charities and organisations in order to help them achieve their plans to help and involve young people.

‘I would encourage young people 100% to join the Bridgend Youth Led Funding Panel, they are a lovely group of young people, we are laid back, it is really chilled and it’s not a big commitment – I would definitely encourage young people to take part.’

"Last year the Bridgend Youth Funding Panel gave out funding of £12,960 to organisations that supported young people. The funding helped young people to improve their well-being, build confidence, employability, helped raised awareness of climate change and sustainability, sport participation and helped young develop new skills.

"If you are under the age of 25 and would like to be part of the youth led funding panel in Bridgend and help go through the funding applications that we receive from organisations that are looking to develop volunteering opportunities for more young people to volunteer, please email [email protected] to find out more."