Sheldon's story...

Sheldon volunteers for BAVO's Youth Led Panel.

"I am a part of a youth panel which allocates funding to different charities and organisations in order to help them achieve their plans to help and involve young people.

"I first got involved when Geraint came into college to advertise volunteering and the panel. I got involved because the panel sounded like a good way to help other people and it also tied in nicely with my course in college (accountancy). The Volunteer Centre helped me boost many of my core skills such as critical thinking, communication, team work and empathy skills."

"Volunteering has definitely boosted my confidence and critical thinking as I've had to communicate my thoughts with others even if they don't agree with me. It's definitely boosted my ability to work in a team and compromise. It has certainly changed the way I see volunteering and different charity groups around me.

"My volunteering has definitely helped others, as the funding we allocated has provided may opportunities for young people to learn new skills, get involved and meet new people.

"It has definitely boosted my confidence, as I've had to voice my opinion even if other people don't agree with me.

"I believe being able to put volunteering on my CV has definitely helped me get my new job and I'm excited to continue working with the panel."

"Volunteering is giving an hour of your day to change someone's life."