Kim's story..

Kim volunteers for our Community Companions befriending Project.

"As I’m not working I needed something to do. I saw an advert in the volunteer shop window and a lovely lady came out with information and invited me to a coffee morning for volunteers which I attended. They were a lovely lot of people there, so I decided to get involved. 

"Tracy arranged everything and I was pleased to start befriending. The Volunteer Centre has helped me to be able to help others and also myself.

"One of my ladies is unable to get out of the house due to a stroke, so I sit and chat and have a cup of tea with her. 

"The other lady I visit is able to get out with support, so we go for a run in the car then call in a café for tea and cake and go for a short walk. She is stuck in 24/7 so looks forward to me calling to take her out.

"For myself, befriending has given me something to look forward to. Visiting, having a chat and taking my one lady out. As the weather is getting nicer I can take her out to the coast to sit and chat and have a nice cup of tea or coffee. It has given my two ladies company and ability to get out."

"By joining befriending, it has helped my self confidence with meeting strangers and helping them. The training courses I have attended have helped me understand more and given me confidence to mix with other volunteers - they are all very nice friendly people.

"Volunteering means I make a difference to their lives and my own."