Emily's story...

“I initially decided to volunteer as I am a first year student nurse and I wasn’t able to join the workforce, so I wanted to help the situation in a different way and I liked the idea of delivering to those who can’t leave the house themselves.  BAVO make it very easy to help, it’s well organised and I was able to start volunteering very fast.  

"So far I have collected and delivered for the foodbank and I have shopped for individuals who are unable to leave their home for any reason.  It’s allowed vulnerable people to stay safe in their homes whilst ensuring they are receiving all their necessities. It is also good to just have a chat to them at the doorstep as it is a very lonely and isolating time.  

"I feel like I am helping to make people's situation easier and keeping them safe by allowing them to stay at home. It’s also very beneficial for me to be able to speak to the individuals and do simple tasks like shopping.

"The transition into isolation has been tough andlonely for me coming home from university so being able to do this really helps!”