Diana's story...

"My name is Diana and I’m retired with time on my hands and wanted to help with the Covid-19 effort locally. 

"I have been volunteering for some time with BAVO before the Covid-19 outbreak. I am a volunteer befriender for people who want some company who may be lonely or isolated. I normally go to visit a beneficiary every week but since the virus I haven’t been able to visit them in their homes. I love meeting older people and talking to them and I enjoy helping people so wanted to continue to volunteer and lend a hand during this time.  

"I love volunteering with BAVO, I have met some lovely people along the way and the staff are very good; committed beyond their jobs.  

"During Covid-19 I have been assisting people in crisis to get their food shopping and medication. The people I have been helping have health issues so are unable to go themselves. A lot of people felt very isolated over the Easter period and got quite down and depressed. I am a keen gardener so to brighten their day I took them plants for their garden and some flowers for their house (all social distancing rules applied). 

"My husband volunteers too. Usually he won’t go shopping but he’s helping out people local to us do their shopping.  Without this service BAVO are running people would really struggle.  Not everyone has access to a computer so cannot do their shopping online.  People were very concerned that they wouldn’t have food. 

"The individuals I have spoken to receiving volunteer support from BAVO are very grateful and are happy with the volunteering I am doing for them. I get a lot of satisfaction myself from helping people; its very rewarding to know you’ve made a difference to someone’s day."