The world is a worrying place at the moment, particularly for people who are facing the prospect of self-isolating for periods of anywhere between two to 12 weeks.

Despite this, Digital Communities Wales has two very positive thoughts. The first is that this is a time when technology and digital inclusion activities can really come into their own and play a role in supporting people through challenging times. If the elderly or vulnerable in our society can access and use digital technology over the coming weeks, it means they will be able to stay connected, socialise online, shop for groceries, find health information and access resources and activities to keep them occupied.

Secondly, the organisations and volunteers which do an incredible job supporting the most vulnerable in our society, are not alone. Digital Communities Wales and its team of expert trainers and advisors are on hand to help get your clients and service users online. They can provide advice via telephone or through video conferencing, T: 0300 111 5050 or E: [email protected] if you need their support.