Closing date: 1pm, Monday 20 January 2020.

The Connected Communities Transformation Programme is a joint collaboration between Bridgend County Borough Council and BAVO.

Through this grant scheme our ambition is to help build resilient, empowered and connected communities. The grant needs to invest in the strengths and capabilities of individuals and communities so that they, in turn can improve the wellbeing of their service users and/or local residents and develop longer term sustainability. By ‘sustainability’ we mean you have to show that the project won’t just stop when the funding does, and that it will have some sort of continuing legacy.

We recognise social enterprises, co-ops, voluntary and community groups have many skills and good knowledge of the needs of their users and/or communities. This grant programme wants to support and empower grant holders to use those strengths and come up with sustainable solutions to issues such as tackling isolation and loneliness, supporting people’s safe and appropriate transition from hospital and helping older people to remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate they have developed their application as a result of consultation and engagement with older people and they have been involved in shaping the proposal. This '‘working together’ approach is referred to as co-production and co-design. 

Successful applicants will also be required to focus on the fund’s objectives, which in particular is working collaboratively to apply preventative approaches that enhance the wellbeing of the older population of Bridgend County Borough.

The ‘Connected Communities'’ Grant Scheme is purposely set up for social value, voluntary and community organisations based and/or working in the Bridgend County Borough area.

It targets the aims and vision set out in the publication ‘A Healthier Wales’ [Welsh Government 2018].

These include:

  • Improved population health and wellbeing;
  • Better quality and more accessible health and social care services;
  • Higher value health and social care;
  • A motivated and sustainable health and social care workforce;
  • A whole system approach to health and social care, focussed on health, wellbeing and preventing illness;
  • Longer, healthier and happier lives.

Funding available: 
Funds has been secured for third sector projects which meet one or more of the priorities listed in this guidance form. The following grants are available: 

  • Micro Investment Grant up to £5,000
  • Healthy at Home Grant up to £15,000

Delivery must be completed by 31 March 2021, with all funds fully spent by this date.

Previous and current grant holders may re-apply. If you have a current grant you can make an application but it must be for a different / additional piece of work or potentially a scaling up of something that has evidenced successful outcomes and improved cost effectiveness.

Funding criteria:
Successful projects will achieve one or more of the following criteria for the beneficiary groups specified:

  • Combat the impact of loneliness and isolation through connecting to communities;
  • Dementia support opportunities;
  • Combatting frailty and looking at falls’ prevention;
  • Intergenerational work, supporting age friendly communities;
  • Accessible services i.e. information, advice and guidance;
  • Carers wellbeing programmes and support;
  • Combatting poverty;
  • Workforce skills development;
  • Supporting the hospital to home processes.

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Closing date: 1pm, Monday 20 January 2020.

Completed applications can be sent by post or email:
Grants Administrator, BAVO - 112/113 Commercial Street, Maesteg, CF34 9DL.

E: [email protected]

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