The Romani Culture and Arts Company has been the leading Romani organisation in Wales for 10 years and has become the strongest Romani and Traveller led organisation in the United Kingdom, with an extensive network across Wales, England and Europe. 

The Company has an impressive portfolio of activities, programmes and projects, that have stretched its field of vision and engagement well beyond the usual parameters of what constitutes arts and culture. To build self-confidence, resilience and give a ‘voice’ to the usually ‘voiceless’.

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They have:

  • extended its activities to include work on strengthening self–identity and Romani and Traveller ‘pride’, through arts and drama workshops with children of all ages;
  • embarked upon a large, community-based early years creative education programme on (caravan) sites,;
  • worked with Romani and Traveller artists with international reputations;
  • undertaken work in local primary schools across Wales to improve understanding around Gypsy, Roma, Traveller history, language and culture, especially through Gypsy, Roma, Traveller History Month;
  • built stronger social and cultural relationships between Romani and non-Romani communities;
  • carried out a unique and highly successful health and wellness project (in partnership with the Centre for Equality and Human Rights, Public Health Wales);
  • organised exhibitions about Traveller lives and experiences, and delivered high-level, international symposia on the arts, education, government strategy, policy and Romani rights. 

Through their consultants and experts, the Romani Culture and Arts Company provides social justice and anti-bias training for local government officers in housing, planning and community provision services, voluntary-sector and non-governmental (NGO) organisation staff, early years pedagogues, teachers, educators and education managers, health professionals and practitioners, social workers, community-development workers, fire service officers and police officers, as part of its commitment to professionals and practitioners.

This training is designed to provide practical, continuing professional development. Tailor-made support and training are also delivered to individual institutions and organisations (such as Public Health Wales). 

They are proud of their track record over the last 10 years and look forward to the next 10 and beyond!

For further details T: 02920 786 439 or visit