Monday 16 and Monday 23 September 2019 from 9.30am - 3pm

Wednesday and Thursday, 9 and 10 October from 9.30am - 3pm (FULLY BOOKED)

BAVO - 112/113 Commercial Street, Maesteg, CF34 9DL
COST: £45 BAVO members / £63 Non BAVO members / £90 Non voluntary sector

(Please note: lunch not included)

Our two day training course is for anyone (including the public, employers, managers, frontline staff and volunteers, prison and custody staff, police, NHS staff, Jobcentre Plus staff) and improves your understanding of mental health and helps participants to:

  • recognise the signs and symptoms of someone with mental health problems;
  • respond to various mental health crises;
  • engage with, support and signpost people to appropriate professional help.

Why train in Mental Health First Aid?

There are many reasons why people might want to train in Mental Health First Aid – MHFA (Wales):

  • Mental health problems are common, especially depression, anxiety and misuse of alcohol and other drugs. One person in four will experience some form of problem with their mental health in the course of a year;
  • There is a stigma associated with mental health problems. This may hinder people from seeking help. People are often ashamed to discuss mental health problems with family, friends and work colleagues. They may also be reluctant to seek help and support for such problems because of their concerns about what others will think of them;
  • Many people are not well informed. Understanding how to recognise mental health problems and what effective treatments are available is not widespread. With greater community awareness, people will be able to recognise their own and others’ problems and feel more comfortable about seeking assistance;
  • Help is not always on hand. GPs, counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists can all assist people with mental health problems. However, just as with accidents and medical emergencies, such assistance is not always available when a problem first arises. This is when members of the public can offer immediate aid and support the person to get appropriate help;
  • People may lack the insight to realise they need help or that help is available. Some mental health problems cloud clear thinking and good decision-making. A person experiencing such problems may not realise that they need help or that effective help is available for them or be in such a state of distress and not be able to think clearly about what they should do.

Members of the general public often do not know how to respond. In a mental health crisis situation, the helper’s actions may determine how quickly the person with the problem gets help and/or recovers. In MHFA (Wales), they learn an approach to help to be calm and confident and to respond in an appropriate way to give the best help.

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