Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales – funding for complex social issues

There is no closing date for applications. When Lloyds Bank receive your application, they aim to give you a decision within four months.

Unrestricted grants of £50,000 over two years are available to organisations with an income of between £25,000 to £1million.

  • They fund charities which work with people over a prolonged period (a minimum of 12-weeks). As a result, they do not fund work that is primarily one-off advice or signposting;
  • They expect the charity to use a ‘person centred approach’. The individual will have been assessed and their needs identified with a plan of support put in place. Where your charity cannot meet all of an individual’s identified needs, you will need to tell them how you are working in partnership with others to address them;
  • They do not support work that is purely reactive, or for the benefit of an entire geographic community. The charity will have identified a specific group of beneficiaries, will understand their needs and pro-actively seek to support them;
  • They expect the charity to be able to monitor and measure positive, outcome-based changes. These may not always be ‘hard’ outcomes, but they need to see evidence that the charity is supporting its service users to develop new skills, confidence, independence, security and/or agency;
  • They apply few restrictions to the grants they make, instead they trust charities to spend their money how they see fit. Therefore, they do not ask for a budget, or how the money will be spent;
  • They are able to offer charities a range of tailored developmental support to help build organisational capacity, improve resilience and sustainability.

You can find out further information and how to apply here.

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