Governance is the general term used to describe the legal, supervisory and moral responsibilities arising from the trusteeship.

It also embraces more practical day-to-day issues in the way that trustees work with their chief officer, staff and other stakeholders to deliver the organisation’s objectives.

Governance is about taking responsibility for the running of an organisation and doing everything within the law to ensure its success. This requires a multi-disciplinary approach and that is why it is so important for trustees to have a clear understanding of what governance is – and what it is not.

Link Up Project: Prosiect Lincio Lan
'Strengthening 3rd sector skills'

BAVO is working in partnership with  Swansea CVS and Neath/Port Talbot CVS to strengthen third sector governance and skills development, such as recruiting and matching skilled peer mentors from public, private and independent sectors with third sector organisations.

Link Up aims to bring new skills and expertise to organisations in the third sector through mentoring and trustee recruitment to empower the sector to plan for the future and overcome a difficult economic environment.

They are looking for Mentors recruited from private, public and educational sectors to be matched with third sector trustees who are seeking support with governance aspects for the benefit of their organisation.

Mentors will have the opportunity to learn about the third sector and share their skills for the benefit of local communities. | Read more |

Trustees and governance information sheets

Here you can find information sheets that have been written specifically for trustees and those regarding governance for the voluntary sector in Wales. | Read more |

Take a look at useful resources that can also help you here:

| Good Governance: A code for the third sector in Wales |

| Faith and hope don’t run charities (Trustees do) |

| Charity Commission Trustee handbook |

Charity Governance Code assessment tool now available in Welsh

The UK Charity Governance Code is a practical tool to help charities and their trustees develop high standards of governance by setting out principles and recommended practice.

If you would like to assess your charity's governance against the Code, you can use this simple free assessment template which is available in Welsh and English.

| Charity Governance Code Assessment Template - English |

| Charity Governance Code Assessment Template - Welsh | 

Trustee training pack - the foundations of good governance

This five-in-one training pack gives you the tools and information to govern more effectively. The pack includes:
  • Five full online training courses: 'A trustee's role and responsibilities', 'Make your board effective', 'The essentials of charity finance', 'Strategy made easy' and 'What difference are we making?'
  • Downloadable toolkits and checklists.

| Read more |

The essential trustee: what you need to know, what you need to do 

This guidance by the Charity Commission, explains the key duties of all trustees of charities in England and Wales, and what trustees need to do to carry out these duties competently.

You should read this guidance if you are a trustee of any charity based in England or Wales, including:

  • a registered charity
  • a charity that is not required by law to register
  • a charity that is required to register, but has not yet done so

You should also read this guidance if you are thinking about setting up a charity or becoming a trustee in England or Wales. | Read more |

TrusteElearning - e-learning website

This e-learning website has been produced by Community Action Suffolk to provide Trustees with easy access to a self paced training system. In addition to providing training, you will find this website a useful source of reference information.
The Charity Commission supports this product as an excellent tool to help drive up charity self-reliance and resilience. | Read more |

BAVO can help you

We can provide guidance, training and support with your organisation's governance issues and needs.

For further details, contact BAVO, T: 01656 810400 or E: [email protected]