BAVO is now operating an ‘out of hours’ signposting service, evenings from 5 - 8pm and weekends 9am - 8pm for information and advice to access community level services, information and activities.

Please call: 07851 248576 to speak to a BAVO staff member to help you maintain independent lives and help prevent your circumstances deteriorating to a point where you might need higher level health or social care services.

We all share the same concerns about the spread of the COVID-19 virus

The need for public bodies and health practitioners to be able to communicate directly with people when dealing with this type of health emergency has never been greater.

Visit for further information

Coronavirus - Actions for your community

Six steps to make a positive difference in your community:

  • Think of others and be kind;

  • Connect and reach out to your family and neighbours;

  • Make the most of local online groups;

  • Support vulnerable or isolated people;

  • Share accurate information and advice;~

  • Behave responsibly'

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