Daniel's story...

“I volunteer in the Zone Family Centre. I help make the drinks in the drop-in centre and do regular cleaning checks. I generally help out serving the customers, handle money and chat with people who are in the centre.

 “I got involved through BAVO’s Bridgend Volunteer Centre. The Job Centre told me about volunteering and BAVO, so I went through the Volunteering  Wales website and Geraint contacted me. I met him at a community event and he told me about local volunteering opportunities.

"I wanted to get involved in the community, wanted to build up my confidence and get experience within hospitality for personal development and to get used to travelling, as I would get scared of using the bus.

“I have completed my peer mentoring training to be matched up with a young person for peer mentoring. I’ve done a Prepare to Care course, Protection of Vulnerable Adults, Manual Handling, First Aid and Food Hygiene courses and I’ve also completed my 200 hours for the Millennium Volunteer programme. 

“Volunteering has massively increased my confidence. I don’t get anxious using the bus anymore, I don’t get as anxious speaking to new people, I have gained experience and I guess you can say an identity. I know what I like and what I don’t like by volunteering.

"I’ve gained qualifications, I’ve gained self worth. I’ve made new friends through volunteering so that has helped me socially. 

“Without BAVO’s Volunteer Centre, I wouldn’t have known about the organisations and wouldn’t have started volunteering.”