Jan’s story…….

“I volunteer at Princess of Wales hospital on the reception desk and at the Food Shed serving and delivering meals to local homes in Bridgend. Having time on my hands, I visited BAVO’s Volunteer Centre office to discuss volunteering. I wanted to be productive, to meet new people in a new environment which was different from my previous job – something new!’

“Volunteering has helped me make new friends and given me back some lost confidence. It has enabled me to use skills I once had in a previous job helping with my confidence to deal with people. I feel a productive member of the community now, it’s given me a sense of worth and self esteem. It made me realise and appreciate that in retirement, I can still contribute to society in a positive way helping others and myself.

“BAVO’s Volunteer Centre made suggestions which had never crossed my mind. They opened doors, put me in contact with possible organisations and volunteering opportunities I had never previously thought of. They helped me find the perfect volunteer opportunity for me.

 “Volunteering has helped me to rethink about getting a part time job, it’s reminded me I still have useful and important skills that since retirement, I hadn’t used.”