Managing community and voluntary groups isn’t always easy. You’re creative, enthusiastic and have a great vision. We provide expert advice to community and voluntary groups and projects in Bridgend County Borough.

We provide ongoing support and advice including drafting and amending governing documents, charity and company registration, developed policies and procedures (e.g. safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, equalities and diversity, health and safety), together with tailored support to groups in their development of both capital and revenue funding bids.

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Re-opening Village and Community Halls post COVID-19 closure information sheet

With restrictions gradually being lifted, this guide is for trustees, management committees and officers of a community facility. It provides some useful tips and pointers to get your community facility ready for opening as and when circumstances permit.

This information aims to help community centres think about the process of re-opening and to navigate issues that may arise. | Read more |

Coronavirus Recovery - six data protection steps for organisations

As lockdown restrictions start to ease and businesses begin to reopen, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has set out the key steps organisations need to consider around the use of personal information.

The ICO realise you might need to continue to share information quickly or adapt the way you work. Data protection will not stop you doing that.

It’s about being proportionate - if something feels excessive from the public’s point of view, then it probably is. Their six data protection steps for organisations sets out the key principles organisations need to consider around the use of personal information.

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They have also produced specific advice for health and social care organisations during the coronavirus pandemic.

For further details, ring 0303 123 1113.

BAVO monthly funding drop-in sessions starting January 2020 …..


Bridgend Volunteer Centre – 2 Queen Street, Bridgend town centre
Every second Wednesday of the month from 1.30 – 3.30pm

Pop in to speak to our BAVO Development Officer who will provide you with funding support and guidance. BAVO members will be supported to access and provide guidance on funding applications.

For further details, call BAVO, T: 01656 810400 or E: [email protected]

Reporting serious incidents to the Charity Commission during the coronavirus pandemic

Guidance for trustees on what matters may need to be reported as a serious incident during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Charity Commission appreciate that during the coronavirus pandemic the charity sector will face extremely demanding and ever-changing challenges. Charities’ primary interest must be looking after the beneficiaries they serve.

It is still important during the pandemic that trustees are aware of matters that may need to be reported as a serious incident. Timely reporting of serious incidents enables them to provide advice and guidance to charities where required. It also helps them to gain a better understanding of the risks facing the sector, which is particularly important now as they seek to understand how the pandemic is impacting on charities.

Their guidance on serious incident reporting continues to be the main resource for helping trustees to decide whether to report. However, they appreciate that the pandemic is giving rise to some unprecedented challenges and scenarios that were not envisaged when this guidance was published. | Read more |

Charity Registration – did you know...?

 ...that if your group is solely for the benefit of the public and has annual income of over £5,000 per year, of whatever kind, and regardless of how it is spent, it MUST register as a charity?

BAVO staff can help your group to register as a charity, and even reduce the liability of your committee/board at the same time by helping you to register as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

If your group owns property or employs staff this could be the wisest choice of legal structure. BAVO staff will discuss the options with you and support you throughout the process, providing guidance and options that are in the best interests of your organisation. | Read more |

New online process for incorporating Community Interest Companies (CICs)

Are you setting up a new Community Interest Company? You can now use an online incorporation process. This new digital registration option will offer:

  • significantly reduce incorporation times;
  • online convenience; 
  • 24-hour availability to the CIC sector.
  • As well as including CIC and Company House registration this three-way digital service includes HMRC, enabling CICs to register for corporation tax as they incorporate their business.

According to the regulator, the new system will let applicants know that their application has been received and confirm incorporation as soon as it is completed, usually within two working days.  It will also allow Companies House to process and place community interest companies on the public record far more efficiently than paper documents.  The online process will provide benefits such as security, speed and environmental savings.

Digital incorporation will:

  • reduce incorporation costs for prospective CICs to £27;
  • allow payment by card or PayPal; 
  • confirm incorporation - within 2 working days, in the majority of cases.

For further information on the new online process, take a look at this webinar which provides an overview of the online system.

Social enterprises

Social enterprises channel their business energy into achieving wider social objectives. In so doing, they can tackle social exclusion and regenerate deprived communities. Social and environmental objectives are the very reason that social enterprises exist.

A social enterprise is a business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners.

BAVO provides practical support to third sector organisations to help them become more sustainable, generate new income and successfully bid to deliver public services. A wide range of organisations have received guidance, support and sign-posting information in the areas of governance including advice in the areas of legal structures, policy development, funding, partnership working and tendering.

Organisations have also benefited from awareness sessions and advice on setting up a social enterprise as well as workshops in the areas of roles and responsibilities of trustees, developing a funding strategy and advice on the various types of legal structures that are available to social enterprise type projects and activities.

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