As we celebrated 21 years of making a difference in Bridgend County Borough, we are justly proud of the organisation’s achievements – we have had to flex, change and be responsive with the moving times and we have come a long way since those early days! BAVO and the Third Sector are now key strategic partners in Bridgend County Borough and in the region.

We have worked hard to position ourselves as contributors to many important areas of development, campaigns, innovative initiatives and research. We have also sought to ensure participation and engagement of the sector so that there is the opportunity for members and their service users to influence and co-produce change and to also be recognised as valuable and credible service partners and providers.

We are proud to have contributed to a diverse voluntary sector that improves health and wellbeing, reduces inequality and inspires others. There is no doubt that the Third Sector makes a real difference to the quality of life for many thousands of residents and benefits the whole population.

We thank our Trustees for their skills, knowledge and experience which they have applied diligently to shape and monitor BAVO’s strategic direction. Thanks must also go to our project volunteers, befrienders, mentors and Third Sector reps who give their time and experience to the cause and of course our staff for their dedication and expertise, all of whom make BAVO an inspirational place to

In 2018-19 we experienced another busy year. We responded to 2,435 enquiries, enabled 291 people to gain new skills through our training programmes and achieved £1.2M known new inward investment for local activity, facilities and causes. 

| Annual Impact Report 2018-19 (English language version) |

| Annual Impact Report 2018-19 (Welsh language version) |

Third Sector Support Wales issue first Annual Impact Report 2018-19

The 2018-19 annual impact report captures the collaborative achievements of Third Sector Support Wales (TSSW) partners; the first of its kind, following the launch of the TSSW shared impact measurement framework.

TSSW’s collective ambitions and aspirations are reflected in the four pillars of activity which cut across the third sector:
• Volunteering;
• Good governance;
• Strategic engagement and influencing.
• Sustainable resources.

Edward Watts, Chair of the Third Sector Support Wales (TSSW) Consortium said: "The TSSW governing document was reviewed and refreshed last year. It sets out the structures for joint working arrangements and more importantly, the reasons why those structures and inter-dependencies exist. This was a positive piece of work for us, as 20 independent partners who have different constitutions, separate Boards of trustees, over 6000 Members, different strategic relationships and diverse income streams which demonstrate the strength and reach of the TSSW offer.

"Identifying the common ground, synergies, shared interests and values as TSSW is the foundation of our partnership and this work will continue to evolve in 2019/20."

| Download English language TSSW's Annual Impact Report for 2018-19 here  |

| Download Welsh language TSSW's Annual Impact Report for 2018-19 here  |

Cwm Taf Social Services and Wellbeing Partnership Board Annual Report 2018/19

This report is produced to meet the requirements set out by the Welsh Government in the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014.

From 1 April 2019, the responsibility for providing healthcare services for people who live in the Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC) moved from Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board (ABMU) to Cwm Taf University Health Board (Cwm Taf). As a direct result of this change, partnership arrangements and boundaries needed to be realigned and 2018/19 was a transition year which saw Bridgend disaggregating services from the former Western Bay Partnership arrangements and a new region was developed being Cwm Taf Morgannwg.

Rachel Rowlands, Chair of the Regional Partnership Board said: "The boundary change whilst challenging does provide us the opportunity to review all governance arrangements and learn from one another and develop simpler more cohesive partnership arrangements to deliver better outcomes for people and communities across Cwm Taf Morgannwg. "Any period of change can be very unsettling for all those involved, including service users, carers, staff and other stakeholders. We want to continue to make the whole process as simple and transparent as possible and ensure that there is regular, transparent and ongoing communication.

"I would like to thank all those engaged in the Transformation Programme and for their continued commitment to Partnership working. I look forward to the year ahead and delivering on the major Transformation Programmes and expanded Integrated Care Fund programme for the region."

| Read English language Cwm Taf Social Services and Wellbeing Partnership Board Annual Report 2018/19 here |

| Read Welsh language Cwm Taf Social Services and Wellbeing Partnership Board Annual Report 2018/19 here |