The new monthly telephone version of the National Survey for Wales asked 3,000 people from across Wales questions on wellbeing and loneliness, employment, finances, food poverty, GP appointments, social care, and education to find out the how the pandemic has affected their lives.

Whilst the coronavirus crisis has brought unprecedented amounts of uncertainty the survey shows that people in Wales are generally happy with a good sense of community spirit, but are understandably more anxious than normal.

Key results from the May survey include:

93% of parents with a child at primary school and 85% of parents with a child at secondary school are content that the school is finding ways to support children with their learning.

75% of people say they are generally happy with 41% of people saying they had experienced anxiety during the period.

85% of people feel they belong to their local area (+13% from last year).

4 out of 5 working people say they would get full pay if self-isolating, and 44% say they can do most or all of their work from home.

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