We cannot begin to describe how inspired we are by the kindness people have shown in wanting to help those in need during this difficult time.

Volunteers have been fantastic they have helped with shopping, picking up prescriptions, telephone befrienders/welfare checks and ringing or visiting individuals on the shielding list.

Over 1,500 people have signed up to volunteer with us in Bridgend over the past two months. As some people go back to work, more are signing up to step in - that's community spirit ! Thank you all!

The figures below are what has been achieved by our volunteers since March through to the end of May:

501 individuals have received support from volunteers to do their shopping.

1,086 individuals have received support from volunteers to pick up their prescriptions.

200 people have received a phone call from a Volunteer that is either a telephone befriender or a welfare check.

961 people who were shielding received a phone call or a visit by a volunteer, to make sure they were ok and didn’t need any support or help.

152 people have received support from a Volunteer to have their foodbank delivered.

Thank you to all our volunteers for helping vulnerable people living in our communities in these most challenging of times!

We are still recruiting volunteers - | please register with us online here |

For further details contact BAVO on 01656 810400 or email: [email protected]