Whatever your interests, skills, and talents, there will be a volunteer opportunity for you to learn, develop, make new friends, have some fun, and help to build an exciting new heritage venture that will serve the community of Bridgend in many ways. Whether you enjoy working with the public, doing some detective work, making and fixing things, or running the show from the backroom, there will be a role for you.

St John’s House is located at Newcastle Hill, Bridgend CF31 4EY. It is a beautiful, atmospheric and fascinating historical building dating back to 1511 or before, and might well be the oldest house in the town. The full story of the house is a mystery, but it has served many roles over the centuries and has really stood the test of time. The building has many stories and much local folklore attached to it and will soon take on a new role in the community, in which you can play a valuable and fulfilling part.

St John’s House Trust is a local charity which has been formed to buy the house and to provide a focus for heritage in Bridgend. Everyone involved in the charity is a volunteer and they would be delighted if you joined their friendly team. They are especially looking for people with experience in:

  • Marketing and/or advertising;
  • Communications (traditional media, digital media, and events);
  • Fundraising and development;
  • Retail and/or merchandising;
  • Working with the public (visitors on open days and special tours, running a stand at events);
  • Administration;
  • Maintenance, facilities, and logistics.

If you have other skills or talents then please also get in touch. If you are interested in giving some of your time, contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Graham Mallaghan, T: 07793 914751 or E: [email protected]