Welsh Ambulance is always looking to recruit more people into the Volunteer Car Service (VCS) and encourage applications from anyone who has a desire to help people and willing to offer their spare time.

Their Volunteer Car Service is made up of a team of dedicated volunteer drivers throughout Wales who use their own cars and give their time freely to assist in transporting thousands of patients to and from hospital appointments such as renal dialysis, oncology and outpatients.

Volunteer Car Drivers make a huge difference to patients across Wales who rely on them for transport to and from their medical appointments. Volunteers often convey regular patients and they can develop strong relationships with them. For the drivers themselves, the experience can be very rewarding and Welsh Ambulance know how much patients appreciate the service.  

The hours are flexible and expenses are paid to volunteers in the form of a mileage allowance.

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For more information, E: [email protected] or call BAVO's Volunteer Centre, T: 01656 810400.