The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation is a medium-sized grant making foundation giving grants to small, well-established organisations in the UK who address local issues in areas of extreme urban deprivation, or in remote and fragile rural communities.

They give grants for running costs or one-off capital costs to charities and not-for-profit organisations in accordance with criteria that are regularly reviewed and decided by the Trustees.

There are several tiers of funding; under £5,000, under £10,000 and up to £30,000 for capital and capital grant for hospices.

Rural issues: 
They accept applications from organisations which are addressing issues in rural areas. ‘Rural’ in this context means cities, towns, villages and areas with 10,000 or less inhabitants which are classified in the latest government Indices of Multiple Deprivation as being in the most deprived 50%.

Urban issues: 
They will accept applications from local or national charities or not-for-profit organisations which are working with residents of urban areas (i.e. more than 10,000 inhabitants) which are classified in the latest government Indices of Multiple Deprivation as being in the most deprived 20%.

They look to support:

  • Community support – work with young people, community centres, support for carers, older people’s projects, help for refugees,  family support, community transport, sports projects, rehabilitation of ex-offenders, alcohol and drug misuse projects, domestic violence prevention and aftermath;
  • Disability and healthcare - projects in deprived areas for people of all ages with physical and/or sensory disabilities, support for people with mental health issues, hospices;
  • Arts, education and heritage – arts projects for people with disabilities, performance or visual arts with a clear and strong community impact, alternative education projects, supplementary teaching, heritage projects in marine or industrial areas which involve local people and have a demonstrable community benefit.

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