This new programme offers free advice and support to community groups across Wales to help them become more energy efficient and sustainable.

Support includes:

  • EXPERT INSIGHT - Understanding the way your community building uses energy and resources is the first step to giving it an affordable, efficient future. With Sustainable Communities Wales, you can benefit from up to 4 days of dedicated support from an expert — analysing your bills, surveying your site and delivering a detailed report and recommendations for how to improve efficiency;
  • REAL-WORLD PLANS - We don’t want to see ideas and opportunities remain on the drawing board. We want them to get off the ground and become reality, which is why more complex projects can access free specialist technical support and commission a thorough feasibility study to ensure your community invest in the solutions that make most sense;
  • SENSIBLE FINANCE - Community energy efficiency projects can fail to materialise because raising capital or maintaining repayments is too difficult. It’s up to you how you finance improvements, but SCW groups are eligible for an interest-free loan from Robert Owen Community Banking, whose unique approach ensures your organisation will only take on financial commitments that it can comfortably meet.

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