The Public Health Wales Substance Misuse Programme has issued a briefing which outlines information on MDMA tablets that have been linked to three adults in South Wales who were hospitalised following consumption of MDMA tablets.

This alert is based on anecdotal evidence and has not been forensically confirmed – as such is for dissemination to raise awareness and prevent further adverse events.

As you may be aware from the press, and based on available evidence, three hospitalisations have been reported amongst young adults in Cardiff following consumption of MDMA tablets called Donkey Kong. 

In addition, one fatality has been reported and is currently under investigation by Gwent Police.  Samples of these tablets have not been available to test in WEDINOS to date and as such it is not possible to establish whether they are contaminated with other psychoactive substances or and very potent tablets. 

Whilst these MDMA tablets are one of many types of MDMA in circulation in Wales, given the adverse effects reported, it is advisable to prevent use as far as possible, and to provide appropriate information to individuals at risk of, or determined to use MDMA. 

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