Porthcawl based charity, Sustainable Wales has been contracted by Renew Wales to offer free support to reduce your group’s carbon footprint. The support is tailored to your particular circumstance and project activity.

The idea is to help groups respond to the climate change emergency. Are your activities and projects environmentally and people friendly? Do you need help to develop new ideas and ways of working or understand the Welsh Government’s Well-being of Future Generations Act?

Further support is offered from a mentor - specific advisor/expert (equivalent to two days-worth of time) to help with more detail.

Sustainable Wales would be pleased to come to one of your meetings and join staff, trustees and/or volunteers who will all be able to contribute in an informal way.

You will also be able to promote yourselves on the Renew Wales website action plans and evaluate what you have achieved.

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For further details contact Sustainable Wales, T: 01656783962 or E: [email protected]