Bridgend Samaritans are searching for new volunteers. As a Welsh or English only speaker, there are many ways you can support Samaritans as a volunteer.

Samaritans are known for the support they offer their callers on the phone but they also offer support by email, face to face and through letters. Helping Samaritans in this way is known as being a listening volunteer.

However, you don’t have to be a listening volunteer and you can support them in many other ways which can include marketing, fundraising, outreach or a variety of administrative roles.

You can make an amazing difference at Samaritans helping to support people when they need someone to talk to or they are going through a difficult time in their life. Samaritans welcome and value every volunteer, from all walks of life.

To find out more about volunteering at Bridgend, E: [email protected] or search for more information on