Side by Side is the Alzheimer's Society's fun, friendly, flexible volunteer-enabled service that helps people living with dementia to continue to play an active part in their community. 

Whether your passion is football or film, as a Side by Side volunteer you’ll be empowering people with dementia to keep on doing the things they love – and to try new things too.

Linda was diagnosed with dementia four years ago when she was 56. The society introduced Linda to Side by Side volunteer Cathy, who shares Linda’s love of animals. Linda and Cathy now go to a local animal charity where Linda has got involved with caring for the animals.

Cathy says: "By volunteering for Side by Side I have seen someone go from having to rely on others to someone having time to just be themselves and to feel valued."

With someone developing dementia every three minutes, Side by Side volunteers are needed right now. Become a Side by Side volunteer and get ready to feel rewarded. 

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They also have a Side by Side phone line run by volunteers. You might like to do both – it really can be as flexible as you need it to be. If you want to find out more about Side by Side, | Read more |

For further details T: 0300 222 5706.