ShedQuarters meet every Thursday between 10.30am and 1.30pm at the Court House Maesteg. 

There is now a new way for men to pursue their interests, develop new ones, belong to a unique group, feel useful, fulfilled and a sense of belonging. The Men’s Sheds movement has now arrived at the Court House in Maesteg. Everyone has something unique to offer and sheds are the perfect opportunity to share what you know with peers and future generations. 

A Men’s Shed is a larger version of the typical man’s shed in the garden – a place where he feels at home and pursues practical interests with a high degree of autonomy. A Men’s Shed offers this to a group of such men where members share the tools and resources they need to work on projects of their own choosing at their own pace and in a safe, friendly and inclusive venue. They are places of skill-sharing and informal learning, of individual pursuits and community projects, of purpose, achievement and social interaction. A place of leisure where men come together to work. 

In Maesteg, ShedQuarters have music, cooking, arts and crafts, online learning and IT,  allotments, woodwork, history and walking.  Open to men of all ages living in Maesteg, come bring your skills and interest to the group.

ShedQuarters is affiliated to MensShed Cymru and partnered with Active Bridgend, Love2Walk Festival, local community co-ordination, Natural Resources Wales, Public Health Wales, Celtica Radio and Caerau Community Growers.

For further details, contact Stuart at BAVO, T: 01656 810400 or E: [email protected]