Urgent message: Safety and compliance for volunteering

As we are all aware, volunteers around the country have helped serve their local communities through the recent lockdowns and this has provided a crucial part of the national response to the pandemic.

Are you aware of your liability as a committee member/trustee of a Covid-19 Response Group to protect your volunteers, staff and beneficiaries?

Are you complying with the law regarding protecting data and contact details of beneficiaries (especially those who may be vulnerable) and volunteers?

Are you protecting your volunteers, beneficiaries and staff from catching or spreading Covid-19?

Does your current insurance cover your current work?

Should your volunteers have DBS checks?

As we all continue to work to meet the needs of the community in these challenging times, it is vitally important that we ensure we are all working within the current guidance and legislation.

Concerns are being raised around transmission rates and obviously we want to keep volunteers as safe as possible, as well as make sure community responses are not contributing to the spread of the virus.  We have also had reports of groups who may not be taking into account some of the key areas of compliance outlined below.

We therefore want to remind groups, whether undertaking formal or informal volunteering that there are responsibilities that you have to remain mindful of, these include:

  1. Data protection and limiting the sharing of data to volunteers about vulnerable people you serve.
  2. Safeguarding, including screening and DBS checks of volunteers where relevant.
  3. Insurance: e.g. employer insurance covers volunteers (not just employees) and where appropriate and necessary, checking MOT, tax and insurances of any personal vehicles being used on volunteer transport.
  4. PPE ensuring those that require it are using masks and PPE in their activity and following proper processes.
  5. Risk assessments and protocols and safeguards are in place if handling money or medication/ delivering prescriptions.
  6. Abiding by Alert Level 4 rules.

If you need any further guidance, please contact our Development Officer team, or refer to the following links:

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