Our community development team

Managing community and voluntary groups isn’t always easy. You’re creative, enthusiastic and have a great vision. We provide expert advice to community and voluntary groups and projects in Bridgend County Borough. 

We provide ongoing support and advice including drafting and amending governing documents, charity and company registration, developed policies and procedures (e.g. safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, equalities and diversity, health and safety), together with tailored support to groups in their development of both capital and revenue funding bids. 

BAVO provides practical support to third sector organisations to help them become more sustainable, generate new income and successfully bid to deliver public services. A wide range of organisations have received guidance, support and sign-posting information in the areas of governance including advice in the areas of legal structures, policy development, funding, partnership working and tendering. 

Organisations have also benefited from awareness sessions and advice on setting up a social enterprise as well as workshops in the areas of roles and responsibilities of trustees, developing a funding strategy and advice on the various types of legal structures that are available to social enterprise type projects and activities.

If you sometimes wish you had an expert on hand to sort things out for you, contact us by downloading and completing our BAVO Development Support Form and sending it back to BAVO.

Opening Village and Community Halls post COVID 19 closure information sheet

This information aims to help community centres think about the process of re-opening and to navigate issues that may arise. It is not an authoritative statement of law and should be read in conjunction with the updated Government guidance, which is regularly updated. However, as at 15 June 2020, the information is based on a two metre social distancing requirement in Wales.

Read information sheet here

Welsh Government updated guidance on reopening and safe use of multi-purpose community centres

This guidance issued is for those managing community centres, village halls, church halls and other community centres, on safely reopening multi-purpose buildings. You can read guidance here

The new guidance is be based on the amended Regulations, an up to date version of which can be found at gov.wales/coronavirus-legislation-and-guidance-law

Charity Registration – did you know…?

…that if your group is solely for the benefit of the public and has annual income of over £5,000 per year, of whatever kind, and regardless of how it is spent, it MUST register as a charity?

BAVO staff can help your group to register as a charity, and even reduce the liability of your committee/board at the same time by helping you to register as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

If your group owns property or employs staff this could be the wisest choice of legal structure. BAVO staff will discuss the options with you and support you throughout the process, providing guidance and options that are in the best interests of your organisation. Read more about Charity Registration

New online process for incorporating Community Interest Companies (CICs)

Are you setting up a new Community Interest Company? You can now use an online incorporation process. This new digital registration option will offer:

  • significantly reduce incorporation times;
  • online convenience;
  • 24-hour availability to the CIC sector;
  • As well as including CIC and Company House registration this three-way digital service includes HMRC, enabling CICs to register for corporation tax as they incorporate their business.

For further information on the new online process, take a look at this webinar which provides an overview of the online system.

When was the last time you saw your constitution?

We tend to use our constitutions like a faithful old piece of furniture – well used but rarely closely examined. We assume it’s in good shape and run a duster over it occasionally but never check the fundamental structure for weaknesses or worn out parts. 

It’s good practice to cast a careful eye over your constitution once every few years at least to ensure that it still reflects what your group actually does, and how you operate. If you find you need to update it you can call on BAVO development staff for support. And please, if you do make changes to it, be sure to: 

  • if yours is a registered organisation, do it in line with the requirements of the Charity Commission, and 
  • in line with the rules given within the constitution itself, and 
  • send BAVO a copy of the new constitution so that we can keep it safely for the future and understand the structure of your organisation when we are working with you. 

The same is true of your policies. Legislative changes (eg safeguarding with the Social Care and Wellbeing Act 2014, diversity with the 2010 Equalities Act Wales) should be incorporated into your policies as they occur. It’s a good idea to review your policies annually shortly before an AGM as that will give you the opportunity to have updated versions adopted in a vote of members during the AGM. Again, if you require support to ensure your policies are up to date BAVO development staff can help with this.

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