Advice and guidance information sheets

Managing community and voluntary groups isn’t always easy. You’re creative, enthusiastic and have a great vision, but you’re probably working on a shoestring and don’t have enough hours in the day.

Our fact sheets provide a whole host of information to help you set up and manage a third sector organisation. The resources cover a wide range of topics on setting up and managing third sector groups of all kinds including managing people, volunteering, finding and getting money, marketing and much more!

Getting started

This section covers most of the things you need to know about starting a voluntary group, including the different types of structures that are available and what you might need to consider when deciding whether you should register your organisation as a charity or not.

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Running your organisation

Once you’ve set up an organisation, there’s a lot that you will need to consider when running it on a day to day basis. Those considerations are likely to include a variety of matters such as strategic and business planning, insurance, monitoring, general and internal meetings, risk management and a range of legal requirements. This section provides you with information on all of those matters and more.

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Working with others

Find out about co-operative and partnership working, legal relationships and liability, contracts, commissioning and tendering, quality management and public service delivery issues.

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Here you can find all the information you’ll need to get started in volunteering. The information sheets cover a wide variety of topics relevant to working with volunteers, from developing your volunteer strategy, writing a volunteer policy, to information on recruitment, expenses, safety, legal matters and how to attract and involve different target groups effectively.

If you want to volunteer yourself then the first information sheet, ‘Thinking about Volunteering’ is the place to start. If you can’t find what you are looking for, call our Bridgend Volunteer Centre, T: 01656 660372 or E:

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Trustees and governance

Here you can find the information sheets that have been written specifically for people who have responsibility for managing and administering the third sector’s wide range of voluntary organisations – either as a trustee, a governing body or as management committee member.

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Employing and managing people

These fact sheets are concerned with information and guidance on matters that trustees and managers need to consider when employing and managing people. These may include recruitment, selection and induction, contract and policies, legal issues, managing staff, health and safety, discipline, grievances and termination.

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Finding and getting money

Find information to help your group or organisation get a head start with all aspects of funding and getting money, including fundraising techniques, trading opportunities and contracting and public service delivery.

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Managing money

These information sheets cover financial planning and systems, accounting and reporting, legal issues, tax, investments and reserves. It also provides guidance on avoiding fraud and the why and how of full cost recovery.

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Voluntary organisations hold two main classes of asset: fixed assets and current assets. Guidance in this section covers acquiring, leasing and disposing of property and managing other assets including vehicles, IT equipment, land and intellectual property.

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Promotion and marketing

This section has information on developing a communications and marketing plan, developing newsletters, working with the media, writing effective press releases, web development and – increasingly important in these techno savvy times – using new and social media effectively.

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Campaigning and influencing

Read general guidance on campaign strategy, planning and lobbying skills. The fact sheets also provides a wealth of information on influencing government in Wales – understanding the Assembly, legislative procedures, petitioning the National Assembly for Wales and an introduction to Assembly business and committees.

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Climate change

Climate change is not just an environmental issue, it affects all of us as there are social and economic impacts. Having an understanding of climate change will make it easier for you to consider the possible impacts, manage your climate risks and make better decisions about planning for the future.

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