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Engagement and participation

This page offers support to voluntary and community organisations who wish to look for the correct tools to engage with those that live, work or deliver services across Bridgend County Borough. 

This information also allows people to have the opportunity to have their say about their community, local services and what matters to them.

To be part of your community why not tell us what you think…….. get your voice heard!

What is participation?

Participation is when someone attends something e.g. event, workshop, meeting etc.


What is engagement?  

Engagement is when you have been involved in the conversation, which shows that you have then engaged.

Initial engagement can be done through websites, newsletters, social media, events or activities.

This is an opportunity to allow people to feedback through questionnaires, face to face interviews, meetings or by facilitating a world café session.

Engage people in a co-productive way to gain their perspective and viewpoint by involving people through discussions, workshops or service mapping exercises.

Engage people to be part of the process by working within panels or on working groups.

Allow individuals to have their say and feedback, making them part of the decision making process.

Feedback: ‘ You said…we did..’
Give those who participated the opportunity to receive feedback. Make those taking part feel that their viewpoint is important, even if issues cannot be addressed exactly at that time. This can be done through newsletters, websites, social media and leaflets.

The National Principles of Public Engagement 

The National Principles of public engagement are the overarching principles for public services and third sector organisations which offer a consistent approach to public engagement throughout Wales across sectors. 

Read more >>>

If your organisation would like to endorse the principles, click here >>>

How to get involved 

Take a look at BAVO’s current consultations webpage >>>


Find out what’s been said

Take a look at BAVO’s current consultations webpage >>>


Useful links

Take a look below at the links below which will help you to access to materials and tools for effective engagement and participation. >>>

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National principles of public engagement >>>

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Scottish Health Council Public Participation tool kit >>>

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Contact us

BAVO is able to offer support and guidance to you and your organisation through engagement, facilitation and consultation. 
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