Charity Commission launched new version of its public register of charities

The revised register aims to increase transparency in the charity sector by displaying a wider range of information than before. This includes highlighting:

  • ‘Regulatory alerts’ to show a charity has been held to account by the Commission and the specific actions taken or under way;
  • Financial information, including the number of staff within a charity with an income of over £60,000 and whether trustees – who are usually volunteers – are paid for their work for the charity;
  • Income that charities’ receive from government grants and contracts;
  • Whether individual charities work with professional fundraisers and if they have specific policies in place, such as safeguarding;
  • New tools will also make it easier for charities to update their information with the Commission,  and allow potential donors or those thinking of setting up a charity to identify other charities promoting a certain cause.;
  • Data download functions will help people better analyse information about the sector as a whole.

You can take a look at their revised register here

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